NEW YORK, NY – 11-04-2018 ( — Raw Vegan Psychic, an up and coming psychic in the online spiritual community, has been grabbing headlines and causing a stir among the psychic community. Having first launched in September of 2018, hundreds of clients are being shook to their core with the extreme accuracy of this previously unknown psychic reader.

Demetri, aka the Raw Vegan Psychic, has had these amazing gifts since his birth in October of 1986. Having been given up when he was two years old by his biological parents, he grew up in orphanages and foster homes until he was finally adopted when he was eight years old. One of his first memories was being in a day care, around the age of 3, and looking up at the sky. As strange as it sounds, the clouds were letters. Of course nobody else could see it but him, but that was the first sign of his abilities. As time went on, he would receive premonitions, visions, see spirits, communicate with them, and of course the ability to connect to energies. His predictions are so detailed and accurate that he has even worked for governments, law enforcement, lawyers, scientists, artists, secret services and everyone else.

Demetri has a special way of connecting to energies in a way that is not only simply out of this world, but has changed the lives of countless people. Here are a few of the things clients have said about him:

“..Very accurate info that no one knew except for my older brother. Picked up on my energy very quickly..”

“..I have consulted many, many (MANY) readers, and I can tell you that RVP is one of the good ones..”

“..All of his predictions have come true even timeframes!..”

“..Literally all 5 predictions that the raw vegan psychic predicted for me came true, on the exact dates they said they would. I really am speechless. I have never experienced a real psychic like this before..”

There are millions of skeptics out there in the world who have been scammed by fake psychics before, and that is extremely unfortunate. We are here to tell you that not all psychics are fake, the Raw Vegan Psychic is a prime example of that. So for all those skeptics out there, go give Demetri a try at Raw Vegan Psychic. You will not be disappointed.

The readings on the platform are all completed in the order they are placed, usually within 24 hours and are delivered via email. Our advice, go give Demetri a try at the Raw Vegan Psychic. You will be glad you did. Be careful, as Demetri says: The only curse of a psychic reading is knowing the future, but not having the patience to wait for the predictions to manifest.

The Raw Vegan Psychic can be found online at his website:

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