SANDPOINT, ID – 12-04-2018 — SANDPOINT, Idaho, uQontrol Inc., the creator of Qkey, the world’s first “smart” Chip and PIN payment and security key is now delivering for the holiday season, Our online security “experience” hasn’t changed in years and it can’t get much worse or more frustrating, which is punctuated by the never-ending barrage of stories in the news like the recent Marriott breach. Consumers deserve a rich security experience that is strong, easy to use, and they can control like our key’s and cards. uQontrol created Qkey which makes everyone a security expert by literally putting control back in their hands. Qkey is reinventing digital security while improving our outdated online experience.

Few of us need more widgets, gadgets or tech devices that are solutions in search of a problem or products that bring little value to our lives and usually end up in a dresser drawer. What we need is a solution to a problem we all share, the online theft of our personal data.  Qkey is taking a bold move to change our online experience forever by taking security off-the-grid and putting it back in our pocket where it belongs.“Creating and remembering complex passwords, entering website addresses, filling out forms or entering payment card data are all relics of the past. We would never tolerate even one of these convoluted experiences at retail stores, so why are we tolerating this experience online.” asked Christopher Maus, CEO of uQontrol. uQontrol re-imagined a more intuitive secure rich internet experience by putting the world’s first “smart” security key in the hands of consumer. Individuals with Qkey now can change it all. For the Security, uQontrol took a page from the “payment card” playbook, specifically when they embedded smart security “chips” onto a payment card which reduced in-store card fraud by 82% in just three years.Qkey embedded the same smart “chip” technology onto a security key to help reduce payment card fraud online while reducing account-take-over (ATO). Qkey is making the consumer online experience more enjoyable, familiar, trusted and is vastly more powerful simply because, much like your keys and cards, Qkey off-the-grid and in your pocket.For the Experience, uQontrol took a page from the “smart phone” play book, creating a rich consumer experience we all want to have and use, for a problem we all need to solve.uQontrol introduced rich graphics, along with an ever-expanding suite of apps, on a strong familiar security platform to make keys “smart.”  One key and one password provides total-access and reduces security-fatigue the most unwelcome part of everyone’s online experience. uQontrol didn’t stop there, we took it one step further by providing consumers a more natural smart phone navigation experience right on their PC. The New Qkey internet experience utilizes rich icon graphics, one-click access, single sign-on, and supports touch-screen navigation, right on your computer and like your smart phone application supports a host of ever-expanding features and apps. Qkey is making the security experience more enjoyable and 10 times easier to use, just contrast it with what you do now.The Qkey application runs directly from a micro-computer on the key and is not on the PC or in the cloud, it’s easy to use and works on most PCs and with virtually all web accounts. The user simply loads their personal information on their Qkey and they’re good to go. uQontrol re-imagined privacy by bringing smart security chips online, the same technology we all trust and use every day for making in-store payments. Qkey’s smart technology provides a more secure, natural, rich internet experience creating a future you control by putting a security computer on a key in your pocket.

About uQontroluQontrol (u-control) is the developer of the Qkey, a radically simple and familiar new way to protect web accounts, sensitive information and payments online. Qkey is the world first “smart” security key, a digital platform with an embedded computer that seamlessly unlocks a more intuitive rich online experience. The uQontrol patented technology helps secure web accounts, payments and private data online with the same security “chip” technology as used by the payment card industry. Just like inserting payment cards into an ATM or payment terminal, users simply insert Qkey into any computer USB port and enter their PIN/password, opening a more trusted, familiar and rich online experience.Qkey utilizes numerous physical and virtual security layers along with a dedicated embedded browser, eliminating the need to type in passwords, payment card numbers and other personal information that are vulnerable to hacking. The future of online security is now in the hands of consumers. For more information, please visit 

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