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Jointer, and its CEO Jude Regev, has ambitious plans for its innovative AI and blockchain technology platform that they think will efficiently enable investors to bypass a tedious underwriting process and clear the path for commercial real-estate security token investment.

And, if all goes according to plan, Jointer may emerge well-positioned to become the world’s first primary market for commercial real estate ICOs, filling the current security and efficiency void in the security token market that exists within products offered by Polymath,  Harbor, and Blocksquare. The Jointer platform may also fill a niche in the secondary security markets targeted by Tzero, GBX, and Bank To The Future, where several inefficiencies have also been identified.

The Jointer Platform: Limit Risk and Market ICO’s

The primary service that Jointer is developing is the means to not only limit risk for investors but to allow property owners the ability to have an underwriting option and to provide an integrated marketing platform to launch specialized ICOs at no cost. In other words, Jointer is bringing to investors the ability to purchase an interest into a specific piece of real estate, similar to how an investor can buy shares in a publicly traded company. But, just like in making a market for publicly traded securities, most of the hard work is completed behind the scenes.

Currently, real estate industry regulations require the issuer of securities to conduct extensive evaluations by independent appraisers, file disclosure reports about the historical performance of the property, and have the issuer run title checks and publish the liens, debts and principal track record of each property. In addition to those requirements, an issuer is required to register each property as a security, file a PPM with an extensive due diligence information report, and disclose all risk and regulatory compliance reports that show abidance with global tax regulations. It’s a lot of work, and that is what Jointer intends to eliminate as it builds a trading market for real-estate based security tokens.

And, with Jointer handling all of the regulatory requirements, they want to position themselves as a seamless platform for investors to benefit quickly in a fast-developing blockchain-enabled real-estate market. Perhaps most importantly, by getting built through advanced AI solutions to act as the intermediary between investors and property owners, the Jointer platform protects both buyer and seller to ensure that transactions happen as planned, remain compliant with all regulations, and take on the maintenance and distribution in a transparent and legally binding manner.

Building A Leading Platform For Blockchain Real Estate Transactions

The journey for Jointer to become a leading provider of blockchain and security token utilization for real estate investment has been a steady work-in-progress. For the past three years, Jointer has been devoted to developing the world’s first machine-learning based prediction algorithm that is instantly capable of using only a property address to analyze any real-estate property in the world. In addition to general pricing and historical analysis, the Jointer platform is able to calculate a forecast of the potential property value for the next ten years. The forecasting ability provides a unique set of data that enables investors to modify risk exposure and build risk-tolerant portfolios.

Supporting the development of the technological platform, Jointer has also developed a substantial presence within a community-based sharing economy model with more than 500 professional underwriters dedicated to helping Jointer users to facilitate deals. These communities allow Jointer the ability to efficiently onboard attractive properties, as well as potential investors, and to present only the most promising opportunities that already have been analyzed by professional independent underwriters. Once onboard and active, Jointer allows the primary property owner to diversify their interest but also to maintain a small equity position in the property, which Jointer believes will add incentive to take care of the property and to perform the dividend distribution process for investors. Perhaps most importantly, the Jointer platform creates a system that allows non-accredited investors to participate in these investments as well.
Can Jointer Lead The Real Estate STO Market?

While the future is an unknown, Jointer has certainly positioned itself as a potential leader in an emerging sector. The company has secured top legal talent and assembled an advisory board that includes a former Chairman of the SEC to ensure compliance with both U.S. and global regulations.

And, while other platforms are developing their own entries into the sector, Jointer believes that they will benefit tremendously by being a closed system (like the Apple OS). The benefits of a closed system are designed to provide reliable protection from hackers and disable their ability to take money from Jointer accounts through a mechanism that deposits all dividends into Jointer’s built-in wallets that cannot be distributed to external wallets.Interest in Jointer is growing, and the company has no plans to conduct an ICO or to raise any additional funds using tokens. According to the CEO, “The company is fully funded by investors and in the last three years has built secretly, under the radar, the world’s first primary marketplace based on blockchain and AI that will allow property owners the free service to issue security tokens legally.”

We think that Jointer is definitely a company and platform to keep an eye on. For investors looking to diversify their investment portfolio into the often tedious and highly regulated real-estate market, Jointer may be an ideal platform to reap the investment benefits, reduce a tremendous amount of legal and technical filings, and to amass an extensive portfolio of properties that they would not have otherwise been able to secure. For the non-accredited investor, the Jointer platform, once fully launched, may be an ideal way to develop a long-term income stream from an investment into a diversified portfolio of income producing properties. 

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