Spector Technical Investigation Architectural Services D.P.C. is a property casualty loss consulting services studio responsible for the development and expansion of the firm’s pre-loss risk assessment and mitigation programs for natural and man-made hazards. Spector Group’s new PLC division will allow the firm to assist existing clients well after design and construction support services have been completed.

“As our firm continues to diversify and expand its national and global presence, the PLC studio will lead in delivering high-quality forensic investigation services to our clients and will be responsible for ensuring that the our vision of being a full-service, customer-centric architectural firm is realized,” said Marc B. Spector, AIA, principal of Spector Group.

In addition to the new studio, the firm is simultaneously rolling out a remote partner network to bolster their national presence. Spector Group is taking on virtual partners to create a strong network of architects from all over the country. The remote affiliates will benefit from the association, support and resources of a strong global design firm. In turn, these virtual partners will expand the PLC studio’s services in markets that are currently underserviced.

“To successfully support the new initiatives of Spector Technical Investigation Architectural Services D.P.C., we must be able to provide support and services in all markets, not just New York,” said Spector. “As a large design firm with premium resources, we can provide our virtual affiliates with the support they previously lacked, and vice versa.”

About Spector Group
For more than 50 years, Spector Group has been one of the leading forces in architecture, design, and development – impacting the world with environments that exude energy and a sense of presence. To date, Spector Group has received more than 100 awards from the American Institute of Architects and has completed over 1,500 projects in four continents around the world. www.spectorgroup.com

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