ENCINO, CA – 10-27-2018 (PRDistribution.com) — Spilled Milk by K.L. Randis is the true story of child abuse and sexual abuse endured for decades; but unlike many such horrific accounts, Spilled Milk attests how a young girl survived and triumphed by prosecuting her abuser. 

Author and speaker, Kelly Randisfought back against her father for years of sexual abuse by successfully prosecuting him and overcoming decades of domestic violence. She emerges not as a victim but as a victor and a heroine. Randis often speaks on the local and national level to raise awareness of child abuse and sexual abuse, serving as a frequent media commentator on the subject.She was invited to speak at the Pentagon’s Dept. of Defense regarding child abuse.“I have tried, in the past, to not drag politics into my social media posts or speeches. That has become increasingly harder to do given the media spotlight that is on sexual abuse, particularly over the past year. When I have hundreds of messages flooding my inbox from people—both men and women—who are too scared to tell, too ashamed, too uncertain of what will happen to them, how can I convince others who were in my position to come forward when politicians are not investigated in a proper court of law… but instead moved up to get a job ranking them higher in power? My trial took 2 years, so nothing about the Kavanaugh hearings was thorough or enough. It makes my job harder. It makes me having come forward about my dad the exception, not the rule, and it needs to be the rule.” – Kelly RandisDirector & Screenwriter, B. Harrison Smith, CEO of Class of ’85, LLC is well known for his horror film genre films. He met Randis when he taught high school history where Randis and her brothers were students. Smith and Randis kept in touch as her writing career progressed and they both determined that such a tale of inspiration and grit was exactly what the film industry needed. Their unique relationship gave Randis the confidence to finally bring the screenplay to life, as her biggest concern was remaining true to the story so many had come to know and gain strength from. www.klrandis.com@klrandisFacebook: KL Randis – AuthorWHO: Author K.L. Randis WHAT: Spilled Milk, by K.L. Randis optioned by film producer B. Harrison Smith, Class of ’85, LLC.CONTACT: Cherry Hepburn, 818-783-4071, [email protected], Marine Bekyan, 818-783-4071 [email protected]

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