ST. LOUIS, MO – 12-14-2018 ( — If you’re like a lot of people in the 21st century, you’ve always had the desire to travel. After all, there are so many outstanding places to see. But, until now, there have been a few obstacles in your way and especially for people looking to start a Global Career

For example, you have work to do and can only get away for a short time, when you really want to relax and spend an extended period of time getting to know each fascinating country and city. You know you can’t experience the true culture in a few days, or even a couple of weeks. What you really want to do is get serious about traveling around the world, so you can focus on people, local foods, music, art, and more, without the stress or limitations of vacation travel. 

Now you can live in the global economy too, working in locations that you thought of only as vacation destinations before. Better yet, you won’t have to struggle through the complex learning process of international travel. 

Just open up Michael Swigunski’s Global Career: How to Work Anywhere and Travel Forever and learn about working-holiday visas, internships, and programs that open the door to the world you’ve always wanted to see. 

Mike has been able to experience the culture and landscape of more than 70 countries since 2011, and today is able to work from anywhere in the world. Now, you can learn what he knows about how to travel as a way of life, and develop your career along the way. 

Get started today when you visit It’s your ticket to 10 years of international working and travel experience in one practical and informative book. You’re also invited to visit, to discover jobs to take you on this journey. You may just find the connection you need to get you started!

With the right guidance and advice from someone who has been there, you can enjoy those countries you’ve always wanted to visit and continue your career while traveling.

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