MORRISTOWN, NEW JERSEY – 12-11-2018 ( — Today’s K-12 students are feeling the pressure – their anxiety levels are at an all-time high and studies show they actually experience more stress than their parents. With a rise in bullying and cyberbullying, binge-drinking and even suicide among American teenagers, parents and educators have been searching for ways to connect and change the narrative for our country’s teens. In an essay for The New York Times, Marc Brackett, a professor in the Child Study Center, Yale School of Medicine, addresses the need for greater emotional intelligence:

“Emotions drive learning, decision-making, creativity, relationships and health,” says Brackett. “Mastering the skills of emotional intelligence paves the way for greater well-being, better relationships and overall effectiveness — for college students, for students from kindergarten through high school and for the adults who surround them, including educators and parents.”


 Enter Suite360 by Evolution Labs- a digital character development, social & emotional learning and behavior intervention program for K-12 students, parents and staff. Students are under an increasing amount of pressure to perform academically, excel at extracurriculars, and navigate a social life in the digital world. With the help of Suite360, today’s children have a better chance of successfully navigating these issues and thriving as emotionally-intelligent adults.


“Students who are better equipped with SEL skills tend to perform better academically and socially,” said Peter Kraft, President of Evolution Labs, Inc. “We are singularly focused on helping students thrive inside and outside the classroom.”


 Suite360 offers programs for students, parents and school staff. The program’s professionally-developed topic library provides curriculum and assessment on critical SEL topics, including:


– Bullying/Cyberbullying

– Mental health/depression

– Substance abuse/vaping

– Respect

– Racial tolerance

– Digital citizenship

– Fighting/violence

– Tardiness/absenteeism

– And hundreds more…


For students who need extra support with conduct and behavior there is Suite360:Intervention – the ONLY digital restorative justice program that requires a student to complete a module related to their infraction. The program is reducing recidivism and is often used as a replacement for detention and suspension.


Suite360 is used in schools and districts across the U.S. Program lessons include videos, articles, interactive surveys and more, all designed to reach students in the digital world.


“Teaching emotional intelligence — or what’s more broadly referred to as social and emotional learning — to children and adults has proven effective—-and sorely needed,” writes Professor Beckett.


 With Suite360, the youth of today has a greater chance for success tomorrow – both in and out of the classroom.


About Evolution Labs

Evolution Labs provides success and wellness programs for students, parents and school staff in K-20, the full educational lifecycle. Also in Higher Ed, the company works with Colleges and Universities to drive enrollment and retention. The team at Evolution Labs has served the educational sector for more than 20 years, making meaningful connections with millions of students, parents and administrators,

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