Secure View Ultimate with Burner Breaker Robot

The ability to bypass pincodes and passcodes on locked cell phones has been a major need of law enforcement agencies.

Susteen is proud to announce breakthroughs in both Android and iOS pincode/passcode breaking capabilities. Users of Secure View cell phone forensic software will now have easy access to both rooting and password removal from locked Samsung Galaxy S7 cell phones. Susteen’s new service to help bypass and acquire pincodes on locked iOS devices including the iPhone 7 will begin on 10/2/17 and will be showcased at the annual High Technology Crime Investigation Association conference in Anaheim, California. For more details, visit The ability for law enforcement agencies to bypass locked cell phones has been an urgent need to help keep our communities safe.

Susteen is the largest mobile forensic software company headquartered in the United States, with software created in the US. Secure View is the go-to tool for mobile forensic investigators worldwide and has recently gone through a major upgrade including additional support for physical acquisitions of cell phones, auto detection and more. Susteen is committed to ICACs and Human Trafficking task forces across the country. Over the last two years, Susteen has greatly increased their ability to bypass locked cell phones for law enforcement. Their Burner Breaker allows agencies to acquire information from locked burner phones for the first time, allowing law enforcement agencies to better serve and protect their communities.

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