LOS ANGELES – 10-11-2018 (PRDistribution.com) — Beauty pioneer Philip Sambanidis, who transformed the haircare industry alongside icons such as Jheri Redding, is now building his own empire in “Synchronicity-The Beauty Whisperer,” a new unscripted reality drama produced by Wanda Halcyon Television of Europe.

The Production is currently in Los Angeles but will travel to London, England to film four episodes. Sambanidis is well-known in New York and California as a private hair adviser to some of Hollywood’s biggest stars and advises various productions when their lead actors have on-screen hair issues. This story arc will be addressed in the tv show with various cameos by actors currently working with Sambanidis.

Backed by finance company Un Nouveau Jour Inc., “Synchronicity- The Beauty Whisperer” follows Sambanidis, a scientist who for 33 years formulated some of the highest-grossing products for Nexxus, Redken, Matrix Inc. and Jhirmack Enterprises Inc., as he strikes out on his own with a line of beauty products through his companies, Syncretic Sciences and Syncretic Technology Partners.

The show will also follow Sambanidis as he rolls out a line of lifestyle products specifically focused on hair protection and rejuvenation.

The story arc addresses the friction between Sambanidis, the son of an immigrant, his loyal friends and former colleagues – also industry icons and industry executives- friction which is far greater than he expected. Sambanidis struggles to keep his dream alive while keeping one foot in the corporate world and the other in the world of global entertainment.

Throughout the show, we meet various actresses and actors who work with Sambanidis in Hollywood, Europe and other jet set locations. This group of A-listers embrace Sambanidis as part of the show, calling him “The Beauty Whisperer.” “Synchronicity” follows Sambanidis as he makes his way through the inner circle of Hollywood’s and Europe’s elite, offering a rare glimpse into the corporate side of entertainment.  


Victorija Strelciunaite



The show features various supporting actors who are part of Sambanidis’ health and beauty team of advisers. These characters are both interesting and fun and bring another dimension to the production for the viewer to enjoy. One of these supporting characters is fitness champion and golf enthusiast, Victorija Strelciunaite.







According to executive producer and former assistant to Hollywood icon, Sydney Korshak, Pat Andrew of Wanda Halcyon Television – “Philip Sambanidis is a rare mix of creative genius, entreprenurial ability and razor wit which we believe the viewers will find to be both refreshing and interesting to watch”

Showrunner, Kim Barnes, believes that the show will have real traction with the 23-53 year old demographic viewer.

Sambanidis and his team is made up of some of the most well respected hair care professionals in America. The television show is a unique blend of behind the scenes access and entrepreneurial flair mixed with humour and poignancy.


Picture File: Philip Sambanidis, Buckingham Palace, London



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