TBM wishes to support CDP by printing a certain Japan CDP 2017 report (Climate change/Water)

Press Release updated: Oct 25, 2017 14:53 EDT

“LIMEX” is a new material developed by TBM Co., Ltd. (“TBM”) which is mainly made of limestone and turned into alternatives of paper and plastic without using water or pulp. CDP is an international organization with regional offices and local partners spanning 50 countries that locates its headquarters in London. TBM announced that TBM and CDP have agreed on a service partnership. TBM will continue to work on environmental issues following SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).


Nowadays, companies are expected to be concerned about environmental issues and SDGs. In 2013, TBM was chosen by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry to be an innovation center and aided by an assistance program (“Subsidy for Advanced Technology Demonstration and Evaluation Facility Development”, and others). In 2015, TBM constructed its first plant in Shiroishi city Miyagi Prefecture. In 2016, TBM won the first-ever annual Social Impact Award, at the Plug And Play Awards in Silicon Valley, USA. This award is given to a company that has been considered the most influential company in society. TBM has conducted an LCA (Life Cycle Assessments), collaborating with Oki Lab, IIS, the University of Tokyo since April 2016, and assessed water footprint and GHG emission through to raw materials and product manufacture in LIMEX sheets and pellet. Limestone, the main raw material of LIMEX developed by TBM, has abandoned reserves around the world and is the only self-sufficient resource among domestic mineral resources. Also, to produce LIMEX sheets, it requires almost no water and no wood pulp. It could possibly contribute to the SDGs such as “Clean water and sanitation” and “Sustainable cities and communities”.

On the other hand, The CDP, the global environmental disclosure not-for-profit, based in the United Kingdom, works with shareholders and corporations to disclose the GHG emissions of major corporations. CDP has more than 800 signatories with $100 trillion of assets with access to the unique CDP database, with over 2,500 of the largest listed companies providing data. Major multinationals and investors such as Hermes Investment Management view CDP as a valuable disclosure platform. With this service partnership, TBM will strive to stand on the front line of Sustainability, and TBM supports CDP’s activities that CDP disclosure provides the source of data for investors with in-depth data and analysis on a company’s environmental impact. This service partnership came to agreement because TBM and CDP have the same direction to align with strategic objectives toward a sustainable society.

Content of service partnership

Based on this service partnership, the Japanese version of the CDP report of this year (Climate Change/Water) is made using a new material LIMEX. These reports have been distributed at the 2017 CDP Japan report conference held at U Thant International Hall.

The Chairman of CDP Takejiro Sueyoshi said, “Companies are expected to run their business concerning about environment by their investors and consumers. Although it requires a huge amount of water to produce paper with a traditional method, LIMEX came out as a sustainable alternative. Through this partnership with TBM Co., Ltd, I am rather glad that we could make our reports with LIMEX”.


TBM’s sustainability

TBM recognizes the environmental and social impact that business activities have on communities.

The CEO of TBM, Yamasaki said, “We will strive to achieve our goal: ‘Create the future with using the experience from the past. Create a sustainable circulation innovation that is still going on after 100 years.’ In particular, we will establish priority tasks important to TBM’s business activities and stakeholders, and will pursue strategies for sustainability activities for SDGs”.

Selection of CDP for TBM

TBM did a voluntary questionnaire of CDP Water 2017 and CDP Climate change. As a result, CDP chose TBM as “CDP Water 2017 B List Company” due to TBM doing business activities for water resource issues.

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