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The latest PRWeb review demonstrates how it competes with its rivals in both cost and service standards. In the following article, the detailed pricing and servicing standards of PRWeb is discussed.

Four tiers of PRWeb pricing are available. Their normal plan starts at $99 and includes a press release that features lasting hosting on their site and some SEO visibility. If you want your news to be shared on social media and syndicated to news outlets, you should get the $159 plan. If you pay $249 you’ll get search engine optimization. The premium package costs $369 and includes the addition of videos and images along with your news syndicated to the correlated press.

A PRWeb coupon code lets you get possible price cuts, but in spite of everything, their price cuts are not in favor of the customers when compared to their rivals. They request customers to open a new account to access their services, which can be daunting.

Press Release Jet, one of its rivals, offers a better service.

Press Release Jet offers a standard package at $49, which is less when comparing it to the standard package of PRWeb. The premium package at $99 offers syndication to 375 media outlets.

In conclusion, PRWeb provides quality services, but its costs are more affordable compared to other distribution services.

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