The Enclosure Store & More, online specialists in providing enclosures for diverse industries, announces the launch of its new website:


The goal of The Enclosure Store & More is to provide users of industrial enclosures an opportunity to easily purchase, online, the best products with the highest quality and most competitive price. The Enclosure Store & More stocks a full line of Attabox™ polycarbonate and fiberglass industrial enclosures and related accessories available for quick shipping.

Among the featured enclosures readily available from The Enclosure Store & More:

• The Heartland™ (AH) Series.

These high performance, polycarbonate enclosures are applicable for heavy industrial conditions, but with a refined style suitable for commercial, industrial and OEM design applications. The polycarbonate resin in the Heartland Series attained the best available “F1” rating, having passed critical tests for UV exposure and water immersion. Heartland Series enclosures are rain-tight and watertight rated for use in both interior and exterior applications. Material ratings, as well as product ratings, assure the user that polycarbonate is designed to perform, without adverse affects, in cold weather applications.

• Endurance™ (E) Series.

These fiberglass enclosures represent a next generation in enclosure evolution: a double insulated body that can be mounted directly to the wall or rail with no external feet or flange. In this design, mounting bolts are completely isolated from the interior of the enclosure, maintaining complete environmental integrity inside with maximum electrical safety. Endurance enclosures feature a flush, removable, hinged door with 180º opening and are rated watertight and self-extinguishing.

• The Commander™ (CO) Series

Available in either fiberglass or polycarbonate construction, Commander enclosures provide proven protection made possible by a complete environmental seal.

Fiberglass Commander slim-line enclosures feature a continuous polyurethane gasket that provides the critically reliable, long-term protection of a complete environmental seal.

Polycarbonate Commander enclosures offer an all-polycarbonate product with blank covers and a choice of one-or-two-hole pushbutton openings for both 22mm and 30mm hardware. These enclosures include the external flush wall design, unobstructed sidewalls internally, polymer cover screws, watertight seal and other standard features of the Commander Series.

Commander Series enclosures, in a full range of sizes, are ideal for compact or portable control or simply as a small junction box.

Also available through the new The Enclosure Store & More website are a range of accessories including: back panels, DIN rails, hole plugs and vents, mounting parts, and swing panel kits.

For more information: www.theenclosurestoreandmore.com.

For customer service and quantity pricing: call 419-496-0153 or email: [email protected].


Photo caption: The new website from THE ENCLOSURE STORE & MORE provides easy online access for purchase and quick delivery of polycarbonate and fiberglass industrial enclosures for diverse industries. Logon to: www.theenclosurestoreandmore.com.

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