SAN DIEGO, CA – 10-30-2018 ( — A groundbreaking and revolutionary plan by a group of young black leaders from the United States and the Caribbean called the Fortis Society, which has been in the works for the past ten years, is now ready for launch. 

Called the 50YR Plan, it is proposed as the ultimate solution to poverty and social injustices faced by blacks in the United States, the Caribbean, and Africa. It promises to introduce a new era of Independence and prosperity for the black diaspora, and its hallmarks will be “racial Independence, innovation, self-sufficiency, and synergy.”Discrimination against the blacks in the West is rife. Every day, new stories of injustices are reported in the media; from media personalities defending ‘blackface’ on national TV to secret services actively discriminating against blacks in the past – a situation little changed by attitudes in the United States at present.The plan aims to achieve racial independence through a rejection of the status quo and the desire to fit in. Instead, they aspire to follow a path created by new black leaders, new black philosophies, and a new vision. This will include independence in the economy and a new philosophy of leadership, education, and government. The plan will also empower blacks to solve each and every problem through creativity and innovation. Through this application of independence and innovation, black self-sufficiency will be attained. However, this should not be viewed as a segregationist approach, as they firmly believe in synergy and aspire to work closely with all groups and races to make this world a better place.The 50YR Plan starts on January 1, 2020 and will be completed on December 31, 2070. It consists of five major objectives, which are: (1) establish a new generation of leaders; (2) create four new and independent nations (3) creating a black economic system (HICS Economy); (4) new philosophies of life, education, culture, and government; (5) a new society of people.The newly proposed generation of leaders will include career professionals, military leaders, teachers, coaches, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and celebrities. Their leadership pyramid intentionally excludes: preachers, politicians, police, or righteous men, seeing as part of the 50YR Plan’s objectives is to remove these positions in their entirety from its new model of societal governance.Under the provisions made in the 50YR Plan, In the first 5 years, blacks in the United States will work together to create the HICS Economy, which will be used as the sole platform to fund the building of the four proposed independent nations. Between 2020 and 2030, ten to twenty new city states (each being approximately two to five square miles) will be built throughout the English-speaking Caribbean and will be united as one nation called the United States of the Caribbean. The United States of the Caribbean will be created for successful blacks in the United States and the Caribbean, by the Fortis Society, “the best of the Best!” By 2030, Africa is to be renamed “Kudagia,” while three additional nations – West Kudagia, East Kudagia, and Central Kudagia will start construction. They are to be established and populated by the African members of the Fortis Society and members of the black diaspora.Regarding structure, Kudagian nations will operate under a new philosophy of government – The Kudagian Gears of Command – which is goal-centric and not leadership-centric. This system is based on a unique and new concept of linear objectivity. Generational influence in Fortis Society, as illustrated in the “Kudagian Impact Cycle,” indicates that younger generations will play a major role in shaping this new vision. This is a concept that departs from the current global leadership model where the fate of nations rests in the hands of institutional leaders of generations past.The plan can be viewed in its entirety here and should be read in the following order for greater understanding: The overview, execution, and the 2020 -2070 plan, which breaks down the plan into 5-year increments. The plan is very detailed and in depth and shows a lot of thought and planning was put into it by this group. If executed as written, this may be the true solution, not only for blacks but for poverty-stricken nations around the world.For more information about the Fortis Society and the 50YR Plan, please visit For all general and media inquiries, please contact Andrew Donahue by email at [email protected]
About the Fortis SocietyThe Fortis Society is a group of young black leaders from the United States and the Caribbean. They represent an evolution in black leadership and black philosophy. The society aims to be the defenders of the oppressed and the fathers of the fatherless. They are the new black ancestors, leaders, and future of black society. For more information about The Fortis Society, please visit the organization’s website.

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