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 After a remarkable success in Nepal, New Cheli is going to be launched in the USA. From its unique and eye-catching range of exclusive women’s apparel and accessories, you can choose perfect clothing and exquisite accessories to boost your charismatic beauty. In New Cheli’s online store, you can browse through the stunning clothing designs and place an order for home delivery. All the orders are processed and delivered within 6-7 days, excluding weekends. We work hard to ensure in-time delivery of your order. However, sometimes because of the high volume of orders, shipment may be delayed by a few days. In this case, if the delay is inevitable, we will keep you updated about your order via email or telephone. You can also contact us through our Facebook page. 

Using New Cheli’s modish clothing, the customers and clients were able to portray their true identity and leave an alluring impression. With every new design, the customer loyalty and customer base increased. The business started to blossom and the ultimate result is the burgeoning fashion brand. – New Cheli Boutique


Anuska Bhatta, a Nepali American, is one among a few exemplary female entrepreneurs and business leaders who have been able to prove themselves through their own business ideas. To utilize her own skills and to explore her passion, Anuska started her own Boutique named New Cheli Boutique in Kupondol, Kathmandu. Because of her relentless efforts and dedication, the New Cheli Boutique has become an iconic brand in Kathmandu, Nepal. With a vision to generate employment opportunities for local Nepali people, Anushka has employed native Nepali people. After a remarkable success in Nepal, she is ambitious to expand and grow New Cheli worldwide. She wants to begin her efforts to make New Cheli an international brand by opening a boutique in the USA. Through the unique and eye-catching range of exclusive women’s apparel, Anuska is aiming at introducing and propagating an authentic Nepali fashion philosophy. New Cheli’s stunning clothes and impressive accessories are designed to meet the unique sense of fashion and style of all women. 

With realizations of the market potential, as well as the skill potential of the Nepalese people, Anuska planned to open her own boutique named New Cheli Boutique in Kupondol, Katmandu, Nepal. This plan materialized in 2017. Within a very short time period, the boutique has been able to gain a considerable share of the local market. The impressive apparel has enabled Nepali women to portray their charismatic beauty with their own personalized sense of fashion. As a result, the business has been able to win the confidence of a loyal clientele. The patronage of loyal clientele has enabled the business not only to survive, but thrive. The New Cheli Brand has become a symbol of identity for Nepali women. From casual to festive outfits, more and more Nepali women are placing their trust in New Cheli Boutique.

After a remarkable success in the local market, the New Cheli Boutique is ambitious and ready to expand and grow in the USA and other international markets. Anuska believes that Nepali outfits have a full potential to charm and fascinate women all around the world. She has no doubt that New Cheli Boutique will be as much a success in international markets as it has been in Nepali markets. She is also firmly committed to utilizing profits earned from international markets for the welfare of underprivileged Nepali society.



Her aim was propagating harmony and peace through fashion. She started her boutique in Kathmandu, Nepal. She employed a Nepali workforce in her business, paving the way to prosperity for the proletarian class of her society. She staunchly believed that only Nepali people can manifest her fashion philosophy through stunning clothes and elegant accessories. 

There are so many beautiful Sarees, Lehenga, Kurtha Salwar, Red kurta with golden palazzo, weeding special clothes, gowns in different colors, printed and stonework. The brand itself its first impression. There is high demand for Cloth of New Cheli Boutique especially in wedding functions, party etc. So let’s give a chance to New Cheli to make your first impression to your someone special in your life. 

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