We are about to see another ‘9/11’ attack in United States, but this time, it is planned and executed by the US government against US businesses facilitating the government’s own H1B visa program

ATLANTA, GEORGIA – 08-10-2018 (Press Release Jet) — The new rules for this program (which, in a bitter irony, go into effect on Sept. 11, 2018) will not allow US businesses that facilitate the H1B visa program to get a Request for Evidence (RFE) on the cases we submit to the government, but are now going to be threatened with a denial with the additional fear of a “Notice to Appear” for deportation proceedings.

This is being done under the current administration’s supposed agenda to save American jobs and give them to US citizens. While this seems to be a noble cause, dig deeper and see that this is an attack on American businesses and would-be American families as we are about to lose more than 100,000 qualified – and legal – H1B visa holders who left their country and came here at the invitation of American business. The H1B visa program isn’t something immigrants cooked up on their own. It is a cumbersome, expensive and painfully slow program cooked up by Congress, the Department of State and the Department of Labor, put on the backs of American businesses to deal with in the hope to find workers for highly technical jobs there are no Americans willing or able to perform.

 Here are the effects we can anticipate seeing after Trump’s upcoming ‘9/11’ attack:

1.  More than 100,000+ people with a valid, legal H1B visa now live in fear of losing their legal status through government action and live in fear of arrest and deportation.

2. The federal government will lose more than $2.2 billion in tax revenues ($100,000 salary X 22% taxes X 100,000 people) that the American people will now have to pay.

3. This will affect the housing market as most of these H1B people either own a house or are in the process of buying one.

4. Since we don’t have 100,000 qualified Americans who can do these jobs, bigger companies will hire away employees from smaller companies, which will make the small businesses suffer.

5.  If the US companies using these tech workers don’t find the human resources they need, they will ship these jobs offshore. These companies will also park their profits outside United States.

So, while trying to save American jobs we are in fact transferring all these jobs to 3rd world countries and will be helping them develop their economies.

 But there is a way to avert this disaster – if we take a few very important steps, very quickly:

 1. Firstly, we have to understand that today’s tech economy is global, with global workers an integral part of that.

2. Only the smallest fraction of global tech workers has been invited by the US government to 

work in the US through the government’s H1B visa program. Many of them do want to be citizens but can only become such by working through the limitations of the visa program the government has established. Now, all that is at risk..

3. We are about to cut tech workers on the pretext that American workers will step up to the challenge, but we do not have the capacity or capability in our own education system to provide the kind of tech training needed NOW. We’ve got a wide – and growing – gap between the education we provide and the skills business demands.

4. We need to provide incentives to Americans to relocate to different States where work is available. Along with that, we need to push broadband internet to all rural areas. 

5. Finally, we need to stop providing unemployment benefits and instead use that money to cross train our people.

In this great land of opportunities where 325 million Americans live, we can eventually develop 100,000+ people needed to replace these tech workers, but this has to happen gradually till then American business needs these tech workers now.


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