WASHINGTON, DC – 01-18-2018 (Press Release Jet) — The JFK Historical Group will hold its 2nd conference March 9-10-11, 2018 in Sterling, Virginia (near Dulles International Airport). The conference title is: “THE BIG EVENT: New Revelations in the JFK Assassination and the Forces Behind His Death”.

The conference will take place at the Holiday Inn Dulles Airport – 45425 Holiday Drive, Sterling, Virginia, 20166. To purchase tickets and make hotel reservations visit: JFKconferenceDC.com.

Conference Keynote Speakers are: Cyril Wecht, medical examiner and forensics expert; Roger Stone, author of 2 bestselling books on the assassination and who he believes is responsible; and Edward Tatro, who attended the Jim Garrison trail of Clay Shaw and an advisor on several films, including Oliver Stones’s JFK,  about the assassination.

Our other 19 seasoned JFK researchers and assassination witnesses are: Judyth Vary Baker, Richard Bartholomew, Gregory Burnham, Hubert Clark, David Denton, Brian Edwards, Gary Fannin, Gordon Ferrie, Dr. James Fetzer, Victoria Hawes-Sulzer, Saint John Hunt, James Jenkins, Kris Millegan, Phil Nelson, Steve Osborn, Casey J. Quinlan, Larry Rivera, Rick Russo and Ralph Thomas. Our MC’s are Lorien Fenton, podcast radio talk show host, and Andrew Kreig, public affairs officer for Justice Integrity Project.

As the title suggests, there are two major objectives to this conference; the first is to give researchers a forum to reveal and highlight any new information derived from the National Archive release of JFK documents in 2017, and to focus on the substantive research work our speakers have done – some for over 40 years – on JFK’s murder.


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On Friday, March 9th at 3:00 pm, The JFK Historical Society will hold a MEDIA & ATTENDEES “MEET & GREET” (open to all media – we will check credentials at the door) where members of the Press and other Media will have the opportunity to ask questions of our Keynote Speakers, in a panel setting, for 30 minutes and then meet the rest of our Speakers during the last 30 minutes in a networking setting. We hope you will stay to attend the “New Orleans and Clay Shaw Trial” presentation with Victoria Hawes-Sulzer and Ed Tatro.

TO REQUEST A PRESS PASS FOR THE ENTIRE CONFERENCE contact Lorien Fenton at 415-895-6069 or email her at [email protected]. Please include your contact information, the Media outlet you work for, and your title. Please also include a sentence or two as to why you want to cover this event. THANK YOU!



ROGER STONE is the author of the New York Times bestseller The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ. He is a legendary political operative who served as a senior campaign aide to Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and Senator Bob Dole. Stone would parlay being the youngest staff member of the Committee to Re-Elect the President in 1972 into being a conduit of secret memos from Ex-President Nixon to President Ronald Reagan throughout the 80s.
A veteran of eight national presidential campaigns, Stone would spend hours talking politics with Nixon as confidant and adviser in his post-presidential years. Stone is known for his hardball tactics, deep opposition research, biting candor, and love of English custom tailoring. Stone serves as mens’ fashion correspondent for the Daily Caller. He is probably the most controversial speaker on the political horizon today, an insider who was there from the beginning, who doesn’t want Nixon blamed for what happened on Nov. 22, 1963.

EDGAR F. TATRO is one of today’s preeminent experts on the Kennedy Assassination. Tatro holds a B.A. Degree in English, an M.A. in Urban Education and a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in Educational Administration. He taught high school English for 38 years, specializing in science fiction, mystery and horror, satire and comedy, creative writing, media and propaganda, and the origin, history and poetry of rock music. He also taught college and adult education courses for 30 years, specializing in the JFK assassination, subliminal messages in advertising, the influence of rock music on drug abuse, backward messages in music, and plagiarism in music.
Mr. Tatro is the author of more than 30 mystery and horror short stories, literary essays and poems published in many magazines across the country, including many research articles pertaining to the JFK assassination conspiracy.

DR. CYRIL WECHT Formerly the Chairman of the Department of Pathology at Saint Francis Central Hospital in Pittsburgh, Dr. Wecht is now the President of its medical staff and is actively involved as a medical-legal and forensic science consultant, author, and lecturer.
Being an expert in Forensic Medicine, Dr. Wecht has frequently appeared on several nationally syndicated programs discussing various medicolegal and forensic scientific issues, including medical malpractice, drug abuse, the assassinations of both President John F. Kennedy and Senator Robert F. Kennedy, the death of Elvis Presley, the O.J. Simpson case, and the JonBenet Ramsey cases.
His expertise has also been utilized in high profile cases involving Mary Jo Kopechne, Sunny von Bulow, Jean Harris, Dr. Jeffrey McDonald, the Waco Branch Davidian fire, and Vincent Foster. A comprehensive study of these cases are discussed from the perspective of Dr. Wecht’s own professional involvement in his books, Cause of Death, Grave Secrets, and Who Killed JonBenet Ramsey? (All published by Dutton/Penguin).



JUDYTH VARY BAKER is the author of Me & Lee: How I came to know, love and lose Lee Harvey Oswald, an underground best seller. Her book David Ferrie, Mafia Pilot (Trine Day, 2014) was the first definitive full-length biography of the enigmatic man called “the key to the Kennedy assassination.” Her third book, Letters to the Cyborgs (Trine Day, 2016) is a collection of science fiction short stories using both terror and humor to expose a world plagued by unethical and frightening inventions that exist today.

RICHARD BARTHOLOMEW establishes the certification and reliability of fingerprint expert Nathan Darby, who identified the main unknown print of a known murderer which was found in the Sniper’s nest. Richard will show that more than one print of LBJ hit man Malcolm Wallace’s was found there–and much more. Richard’s education, training, and professional experience have been primarily in the visual arts – he is an editorial cartoonist.

GREGORY BURNHAM began seriously questioning the Official Government version of the assassination while attending Queen of Angels Seminary, and by the time he graduated (1975) he had become convinced that the Warren Report was non-sense and later, while still in college, he concluded that the House Select Committee on Assassinations was barely any better.
The two most important subjects of his primary research – and best sources of information – were the late Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty, USAF (Chief of Special Operations) and the late Gerry Patrick Hemming.

HUBERT CLARK was a member of the Honor Guard that took President Kennedy’s body from Air Force 1 to Bethesda Naval Hospital for the autopsy. Clark, along with other members requested from all branches of service by first lady, Jacqueline Kennedy, would then carry the body of the late President back to the White House for the final time at 4:30 am on November 23, 1963.
In 2016, Hugh wrote his first book, Betrayal—A Member of the Kennedy Honor Guard Speaks. This book details the events of November 22-25, 1963.

DAVID DENTON has served as a social science instructor at Olney Central College in Illinois since 1990. He has given numerous presentations across Illinois and Indiana at both public libraries and forums. He participated in the Illinois Humanities Council speakers’ bureau from 1995 to 2002, giving presentations on the Vietnam War, Lee Harvey Oswald and the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.
Mr. Denton directed an oral history project exploring the Vietnam War, 25 years later. The work features interviews with 125 veterans from Illinois and across the nation. The resulting 600-page document was distributed to local libraries.

BRIAN EDWARDS has been researching the JFK assassination for over 40 years and has accumulated and read over 300 books on the case. He has interviewed over 50 of the Dealey Plaza witnesses; Dallas police officers and detectives who were directly involved in the investigation of President Kennedy assassination and the murder of Officer Tippit. In addition, he has interviewed 10 of the doctors and medical personnel who were inside Trauma Room 1 at Parkland Hospital. He has also interviewed many of the navy corpsmen who were on duty at Bethesda Naval Medical Center on November 22, 1963.
In 1993, Mr. Edwards was granted a two-day interview with Marina Oswald-Porter at her home in Rockwall, Texas.

GARY FANNIN has been studying the John F. Kennedy Assassination for over 37 years. He has lectured at High Schools, Colleges, Universities and numerous JFK Conferences in Dallas. In 2015 Gary wrote his first book, The Innocence of Oswald–50+ Years of Lies, Deception & Deceit in the Murders of President John F. Kennedy & Officer J.D. Tippit. This book is based upon U.S. Government, FBI, CIA, Office of Naval Intelligence and Secret Service documents. Many of these U.S. documents have never been printed before. It also includes Dallas Police affidavits, autopsy reports, photos and more to prove that Lee Harvey Oswald was completely innocent of the crimes he was charged and was in fact, ‘a patsy.’  The book has been rated as high as #7 in paperback and #2 in Kindle version on Amazon.

GORDON FERRIE was attached to JFK and Eisenhower’s U.S. Secret Service Protective Details from the time JFK took office until June 0f 1962 and for the last year of the Eisenhower Presidency. From September 1962 until September of 1963 Gordon served in Marine Corps Intelligence focusing primarily on Cuba. Gordon also served as a weapons instructor at the Naval Academy at Annapolis in summer 1962; he is a National Match Shooter and Marine Corps Sniper.
In later years, Gordon had some social contact with Jackie, JFK Jr. and Ted Kennedy through their mutual love of horses (Gordon had a 20 year relationship with the USET in open jumping and combined driving; selected as the Head Referee for the World Pairs Driving Competition in 1963 accompanying Prince Philip for three days) and occasionally hunted with Jackie and JFK Junior while a member of a New Jersey Hunt Club.

DR. JAMES FETZER, a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Professor Emeritus on the Duluth Campus of the University of Minnesota. He has chaired or co-chaired five national conferences on JFK and has published four collections of expert studies about his death, bringing together some of the best students to ever investigate the case: Assassination Science (1998), Murder in Dealey Plaza (2000), The Great Zapruder Film Hoax (2003) –which Vincent Bugliosi, who did his best to defend “the lone gunman” theory, acknowledged as “the only exclusively scientific books published on the assassination”– and, most recently, JFK: Who, Who and Why (2017), with 15 contributors. Jim edits Moon Rock Books (moonrockbooks.com) with Mike Palecek.

VICTORIA HAWES-SULZER is a “witness” regarding meeting Lee Harvey Oswald at Dr. Mary Sherman’s apartment building – and much more. Victoria is one of several witnesses never interviewed by the FBI who are now helping to verify Lee Oswald’s true activities and his innocence, as well as helping to support what Judyth Baker has also revealed about Oswald, his association with Dr. Sherman, and his true activities in New Orleans.
Victoria is considered a JFK and Dr. Mary Sherman murder “witness” due to the number of people involved known by Victoria, Including Lee Harvey Oswald and Dr. Mary Sherman.

SAINT JOHN HUNT father was E. Howard Hunt, the infamous Watergate burglar and CIA spymaster. St. John tells us, “My father helped the CIA kill JFK.”
In E. Howard Hunt’s near-death confession to his son St. John, which was taped for posterity, Hunt revealed that key figures in the CIA were responsible for the plot to assassinate JFK in Dallas, and that Hunt himself was approached by the plotters, among whom included the CIA’s David Atlee Phillips, Cord Meyer, Jr., and William Harvey, as well as future Watergate burglar Frank Sturgis.
St. John has an insider’s viewpoint, and it’s heartbreaking. His incredible true story is told in his two books: Bond of Secrecy (2012) by St. John Hunt, with Eric Hamburg and Jesse Ventura, and, concerning the secrets and horrific murder of his mother, Dorothy… the Murder of E. Howard Hunt’s Wife (2015) by St. John Hunt, with Roger Stone.

JAMES JENKINS was born in 1943. After enlisting in the United States Navy he won a place at the Medical Technology School that was part of Bethesda Naval Hospital. He attended classes from 7.30 am to 5.00 pm and work duty from 5.00 pm to 6.00 am the next day. Jenkins was assigned to the pathology department.
When John F. Kennedy was assassinated on 22nd November, 1963, his body was taken to Bethesda. Along with fellow student, Paul K. O’Connor was asked to assist Joseph Humes, Thornton Boswell and Pierre Finck in the autopsy of Kennedy.
James Curtis Jenkins was interviewed by William Matson Law for his book, In the Eye of History: Disclosures in the JFK Assassination Medical Evidence. Jenkins told Law: “I think they (Humes, Boswell, Finck) were pressured toward a conclusion that had already been established.”

KRIS MILLEGAN is a writer, researcher and publisher whose father was in the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), Military Intelligence (G2), and later was in the CIA, rising to Branch Chief, Head of Intelligence Analysis for East Asia. His father told Kris some things that he didn’t understand in the late 60’s. These revelations led to over thirty years of research into the subjects of CIA-drugs, clandestine operations, conspiracy theory and secret societies.
Kris’s publishing house TrineDay brought Antony Sutton’s underground classic, America’s Secret Establishment An Introduction to the Order of Skull & Bones to a wider audience, published the book, Expendable Elite, by Lt. Col. Dan Marvin, a tale of special forces commander and his tangles with the CIA. TrineDay’s release of Fleshing Out Skull & Bones has been well received, being called encyclopedic and the bedrock of books on Skull & Bones. TrineDay also has the book Ambushed Secrets of the Bush Family, the Stolen Presidency, 9-11 and 2004, and many more titles. Visit trineday.com.

PHIL NELSON After years of researching Johnson and the JFK assassination, Phil conclusively showed that LBJ had an active role in JFK’s assassination. His best-selling books LBJ: The Mastermind of the JFK Assassination and LBJ: from “Mastermind” to Colossus describe the darkly obsessive mind of one of America’s most ambitious and calculating politicians. A quote from page 77 of LBJ Mastermind will give you a glimpse of what Nelson knows: “There were extended relationships between many men at the lower levels of the hierarchy headed by Lyndon Johnson, the ultimate dispenser of political influence, and his closest associate, Bobby Baker. The next level in the “triangle of influence” connected Baker, Clint Murchison, and James Hoffa directly to Carlos Marcello, the Mafia chieftain of New Orleans, as well as his longtime lobbyist Irving Davidson.”

STEVE OSBORN began his research of the assassination of President Kennedy in 1980. His main focus has been on the paramilitary methods used in the assassination. Steve has found that most researchers seem to be satisfied with a limited knowledge of those methods, stopping at tactics such as removing JFK’s personal protection and inserting him into a triangulation of gunshots. In reality, Steve believes there were many more paramilitary methods used to accomplish the operation and continue the cover-up. Steve will focus on more of those methods during his presentation.
Although Steve is reserved in his research, his list of interviewees include such persons as: US Army Major General Edwin A. Walker (ret.); author and professor Philip H. Melanson; the “Umbrella Man” Louie Steven Witt; Dealey Plaza tramp John Forrester Gedney and many more.

LARRY RIVERA is Chairman of the Oswald Innocence Campaign. He was born in Alaska, the son of a career military man who served as a CID officer in the Army. He was in Germany on 11/22/63, age 6, and will never forget his father’s reaction upon hearing of JFK’s assassination. He has made a lifelong study of the JFK assassination, making his first trip to Dealey Plaza in 1991. He attended the ASK Symposium in 1993 for the 30th anniversary.
He has given interviews about the assassination to Spanish media. Larry has published many articles on the assassination and has many YouTube videos covering his research. He has given presentations for the OIC and Dr. James Fetzer’s Santa Barbara JFK conference 2013, on the 50th observance of the assassination, covering the topic of “Buell Wesley Frazier”; at TrineDay’s and Judyth Vary Baker’s JFK conference 2014 in Arlington, Texas on the “DPD motorcycle officers”; and for Judyth Vary Baker’s JFK assassination conferences 2016 and 2017 on “Doorway Man” and “Dealey Plaza”.

RALPH THOMAS In the early 1990’s he authored a book called Missing Links In The JFK Assassination. In 2017 he released a Kindle book titled JFK Beyond A Question Of Conspiracy. The book turned out to be 1,526 pages long in a Kindle book so he broke it down in sections which include: Confessions, Admissions And Prime Suspects In The JFK Assassination, Nixon Espionage And The JFK Assassination – The Missing Watergate Links, Covert Affairs! JFK And The Death Of Two Ladies, Lee Harvey Oswald – Portrait Of A Patsy, The Joseph Milteer JFK Assassination Tapes, Deception Of The JFK Assassination In High Places – Smoking Guns In The New JFK Assassination Files, Foreknowledge And Other Aborted Plots In The JFK Assassination, JFK Assassination: The James B. Wilcott Files And The CIA Oswald Project, Altered! The Zupruder Film, The JFK Assassination Witnesses, Silenced! – Strange Deaths Of People Who Knew To Much About The JFK Assassination, JFK Conspiracy – The Medical Evidence.

CASEY J. QUINLAN In 1991, Mr. Quinlan was a guest historian for the A&E Network and the History Channel for Oliver Stone’s blockbuster movie, JFK. He was named Outstanding Educator in 1994, 2008, 2011 and 2014 by JFK Lancer, a national research organization. From 1995 to 2014, he was an adjunct instructor at Friends University in Wichita, Kan.; Ottawa University in Ottawa, Kan.; Mid America Nazarene University in Olathe, Kan., and Washburn University in Topeka, Kan.
In 2007, Mr. Quinlan presented Beyond the Fence Line: The Ed Hoffman Story at the National JFK Lancer Conference in Dallas, Texas. His first publication, Beyond the Fence Line: The Eyewitness Testimony of Ed Hoffman and the Murder of President Kennedy, continues to be a best seller.
Mr. Quinlan has been studying the murder of President Kennedy for more than 50 years.



LORIEN FENTON has been interested in the Kennedy assassination since watching Lee Harvey Oswald murdered live on television. She is currently working behind the scenes as a conference producer and is coordinating several projects to bring the truth of JFK, LHO, MLK, RFK, JFK Jr. murders to light.
Besides her interest in “conspiracies” she is also a MUFON section director (Mutual UFO Network).

ANDREW KREIG, based in Washington, DC, is a public affairs commentator, author, attorney and legal reformer with decades of experience in cutting-edge public policy issues. He provides his findings by his articles, lectures, broadcast interviews, books and through two organizations: a non-partisan legal reform group, The Justice Integrity Project, and a public affairs consultancy he leads, Eagle View Capital Strategies.


If you would like more information about this topic, please contact David Denton at 618-204-1498 or email at [email protected] or Lorien Fenton at 415-895-6069 or email at [email protected].

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