Organic Muscle Rub (OMR) from New Zealand.

Our mission is to help you heal naturally, be pain free and move like you were born to

The Kiwi Importer recently added OMR’s professional-strength, certified organic muscle rub to its growing list of natural and unique products.

Organic Muscle Rub (OMR) — produced by the New Zealand-based company of the same name — supports the body’s natural healing processes, respects the environment, and is a concentrated product that contains no fillers or preservatives.

Keith Harvey, created and developed OMR. Product trials have produced positive results, and OMR is successfully being utilized by respected sports professionals and therapeutic practitioners.

“Our mission is to help you heal naturally, be pain free and move like you were born to,” said Harvey.

OMR contains no synthetic anti-inflammatory ingredients often found in these kinds of products, such as Methyl Salicylate which tends to cause intense heating and cooling of the skin and can be highly toxic with constant use.

Instead, OMR’s formula contains 100% active ingredients including Beeswax, Arnica, Black Cumin, Peppermint Eucalyptus, Hemp and Manuka oils. OMR, obtained from ethical growers and suppliers who support sustainability, is certified BioGro organic.

“There are over 800 species of eucalyptus, mostly growing in Australia and South Africa,” said Harvey. “We chose Eucalyptus Radiata for its superior warming, penetrating effect on the muscles and joints.”

The Kiwi Importer, sources unique and natural products from Manuka Honey to Zealong Organic Tea from companies committed to social issues and environmental advocacy — views the distribution of OMR as a strategic fit.

“Our customers are looking for natural and organic ways to heal the body,” said The Kiwi Importer CEO Sarah Ayala, PhD from the company’s distribution centre in West Houston. “OMR is a perfect complement to our existing line of health products, which is one of our more popular products.”


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