Ed Miracle is a self-trained American painter, artist and Navy Veteran whose artworks are recognized worldwide. One of his most popular paintings, “I Told You So”, is now on sale for a special price.

LONGBOAT KEY FL – 12-18-2017 (Press Release Jet) — Charles Ferrier, the manager of Ed Miracle has recently announced the release of a new website, https://miraclesfineart.com/, aimed for the exclusive retailer of the “I Told You So” giclée for a special price. The giclée’s are available in different sizes, are 100% original and signed by Ed Miracle himself. 

The “I Told You So” painting has been featured in various online articles, newspapers as well as for book cover purpose in “The World is Flat” by Thomas Friedman. The picture depicts two ships and one boat filled with people which are at the point of falling off the edge of the world.Ed Miracle created the painting as a play of the Middle Age myth which says the World was Flat, that became a popular spoof worldwide.

The painting features various shades of blue, brown and black and manages to create a unique atmosphere and a sense of danger which can be felt by everyone even from the simple act of observation. One of the ships in the painting is exactly at the point of falling, while the other ship and the boat are only a couple of seconds behind. Thus, the danger is imminent. 

“When Columbus lived, people thought that the Earth was flat. They believed the Atlantic Ocean to be filled with monsters large enough to devour their ships, and that the world was flat and at some distant point their frail vessels would plunge to destruction”, Emma Miller Bolenius notes in American Schoolbook, 1919. The “I Told You So” painting is based exactly on this myth.

“Individuals from the Flat Earth Society claim that the Earth is simply flat. Strolling around on the planet’s surface, it feels and looks flat, so they regard all proof despite what might be expected. For example, they claim that satellite photographs of Earth as a circle are manufactured by a “round Earth society” led by NASA and comparable government offices”, Charles tells us. “Therefore, Ed decided to create this painting based on their beliefs, though it’s quite clear that modern science cannot be wrong”, he adds.

The sea currents, clouds, and ship movement give a unique feeling to the observer of the picture. The entire scenery can be regarded as highly realistic as a result of the different color shades as well as special oils paints used in its creation. 


About Ed Miracle

Ed Miracle is a 78-year-old US Navy veteran as well as a self-taught painter and artist. Some of his creations rejoiced from worldwide admiration being featured in online articles, magazines and even used as book covers. “I Told You So” is one of Ed Miracle’s most popular paintings, gaining increased admiration after being used illegally as the book cover of “The World is Flat” and receiving his deserved funds only after the case has been resolved in court. 

More information about the painting and its creator can be found on https://miraclesfineart.com/ and htts://www.miraclesart.com/ 

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Company Name: Ameridawn Holding Company, Inc
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