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The skiing season is approaching, time to train before taking to the slopes, reawakening muscles which slumbered during the summer time off. “Prevention is better than cure” is the rule in order to avoid that a weekend on the snow should turn into a weekend of suffering. The risk of small or large accidents for Sunday skiers is in fact widespread: according to a statistical survey, more than 70% of Italians states coming up against muscular and joint pain (65%), sprains (23.5%), bruising (14%), scratches or injuries (12%) which then affected the whole winter season.

In order to best tackle the runs, gradual training should be begun at least 2 months before actually getting on skis, by combining physical training, massage and instrumental therapies which have proved their effectiveness in preventive action.

Amongst these, we find laser therapy, as is also confirmed by physiotherapists. An example is given by Ivan Peristi (OMT Physiotherapist – orthopaedic manipulative therapist and SPT – Sport Physiotherapist from the Dolomiti Physiocenter, a Partner of the Dolomiti Sportclinic) who uses Hilterapia®, the ASAlaser therapy which treats painful conditions of the bones, joints and muscles, in his daily practice: “specific ski preparation training – explains Peristi – reduces the risk of trauma injury and of overloading the tissues (muscles, tendons, joints..) which often cause chronic conditions. With this purpose, Hilterapia® provides invaluable support to reach the desired objective. Its deep photomechanical action increases microcirculation and stimulates muscle metabolism. This regulates the tone of contracted muscles and speeds up the repair of microtraumas caused by intensive training. The direct consequence is a reduction in recovery times and an improvement of functional training to tackle the slopes.

We suggest 1 to 3 weekly sessions during the preparation phase, depending on the initial physical condition, age, previous injuries or ongoing issues”. Salvatore Germano is a masseur and physiotherapist-kinesiologist who instead uses ASAlaser’s MLS® for preparing athletes. “MLS® Laser Therapy – explains Germano – can help to prevent some muscle, bone and joint traumas caused by overloading sports activities, by exploiting the synchronisation of the two wavelengths with significant biological effects. From the point of view of pre-ski training, for example, it can be used on the main muscle chains when there is tension felt by the therapist. This improves their elasticity with a positive effect on injury prevention. With this purpose in mind, working on the mobility of the joints involved in skiing is also useful, by carrying out dynamic movements on the joints combined with MLS® in order to increase the ROM (Range Of Motion).

The result? The risk of traumas caused by muscle retraction is reduced as the joint is ‘freer’ and more mobile for the specific movements required by this sport. The suggestion is to undergo 6-8 sessions on alternate days before taking off on your snowboard”.

Ready for the slopes?


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