NEW YORK, NY – 10-30-2018 ( — Being an entrepreneur isn’t just a life goal, it is a reality for more and more. With 2017 seeing a recorded number of entrepreneurial style business blooming and 2018 set to surpass even those numbers- it is crucial that these entrepreneurs make it passed the 4 years “make it or break it” mark. 

The truth is though to get past this mark and to become a true business success, it has little to do with the logistics of the business and so much to do with the mindset of the entrepreneur. Twenty-year branding industry vet, Ali Craig believes, “Branding is a deeply personal experience and if you want to get real about your business as well as your bottom line – you have to get real about who you are.” On this week’s episode of Apple Tv’s Brandpreneur™ Network, our brands come face to face with the three sabotaging realities that stop most entrepreneurs ultimate success:(1) Getting clear on their values,(2) Shedding their old ways, and(3) Making peace with their past. This week the Fix My Brand With Ali Craig® team helps Dr. Megan Todd, Sylvia Becker-Hill (, and Gina Bell ( not just break passed these top 3 sabotagers, but fully show up and embody where they and their brands are going through their personal style, photography, and videos. With the professional team of Ali Craig (, Sandy Hapoienu (Http://, Stacey Lanoix (, Norma Molina (, Jenni P( )  and Marcella Cardinal (, Cassondra Youngs ( ) and Laura Kingz these brands didn’t just overcome their mental blocks, they embody their unique brand messages to create one of a kind visuals to attract their audiences and make bank. Check out the reality of what it really takes to uplevel your brand, visuals, and the impressions our entrepreneurs make on Season 2 of  Fix My Brand With Ali Craig® airing October 30th for a 24 hour exclusive on Facebook TV ( and then on the Brandpreneur™ Network (  available on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, and Android TV.

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