PHOENIX, AZ – 08-14-2018 (Press Release Jet) — Many companies now have “big plans” and boast of growth, but does that merely equate to big businesses getting bigger with one big boss getting more? How do entry-level managers and middle management work into the equation? A manager of one company seizing a grander title at another organization after finally hitting that common plateau of nowhere to go, seems the most common solution; but are lateral management movements really the best way to get ahead?

What if instead of moving from company to company for advancement opportunities, employees received the support and development they need to grow within their organization? That is the exact approach The Valley Management Group has taken through a strict practice of promoting from within through a comprehensive Management Training Program and continuous leadership development.

The Valley Management Group is a private sales and marketing firm that began representing numerous Fortune 500 clients across Phoenix from its headquarters in Tempe, AZ. Since its inception, this company has shown unprecedented growth having opened an additional three offices and acquired seven new Fortune 100 clients since January 2018.

CEO, Kurtis Spahr, explains their primary focus in 2018 continues to be expansion. “It’s unbelievable how far we’ve come in such a short amount of time. No doubt this would not have been possible without tons of hard work and dedication from our team. I’m excited to see what the future holds for our company— we have a talented group of professionals with huge goals and in my opinion, the sky is the limit.”

When asked how this company is able to support this rapid growth, Director of Talent Management, Hau’oli Kaholokula attributes the company’s success to its unique training.“We believe in developing our leaders from the ground up, which not only ensures consistency in our team’s abilities through a systematic approach, but it also instills our team culture from the beginning, which is so important to how we operate. We believe in merit-based promotion, ensuring the most motivated and hard-working team members are recognized and rewarded for leading by example. Once a solid foundation has been laid, team members receive continuous training based on their individual needs to reach their highest potential.”

Eydmar Angulo, who spearheaded the Cincinnati, OH expansion earlier this year states, “The support I’ve received in the Management Training Program is exceptional. My mentors didn’t just prepare me for a job, they prepared me for a successful career. The skills one learns in sales, marketing, business management and leadership are transferrable skills that can be easily applied in any industry and utilized throughout life.”

Assistant Director of Marketing, Melanie Ortiz, made this comment on the most recent office expansion in Peoria, AZ opening this month. “Our expansion is a testament to our team’s hard work, laser focus, and determination to grow towards our unified vision. We all have goals, both professional and personal, and I love that our development program encourages us to reach, and exceed, our goals together.”

The Valley Management Group is currently underway with an additional two expansions rolling out within the next two months in both Prescott and Flagstaff, which keeps them on track towards their goal of eight office expansions by the end of this year.

“While our main focus is growth, we understand that quality is just as important as quantity, says Hau’oli. “Without a doubt, the most common factors job applicants state as being of most importance in their career search, is opportunity for advancement and company culture and I believe our company exudes both.”

“The family feel work environment is like none other,” stated Kestahn Moore, Director of Marketing for the Dallas, TX expansion. “The camaraderie built through friendly competition, much like sports, always keeps it fun and challenging. I know I have the support of my team and together we can accomplish anything.”

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