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Honeycomb announces the launch of The World first Coding + Music Composer for Kids on Indiegogo


Honeycomb understands that the best way for kids to learn is through hands-on fun. Their newest release, Hocokiki Launch Pad Kit is a revolutionary, easy to use electronic music toy for kids ages 5+. The system employs a set of hexagonally shaped magnetic blocks with different functions. By connecting Hocokiki music blocks and button blocks in different combinations, kids can create their own personal music system.Hocokiki inspires musical talent and improves hand-eye coordination, imagination, creativity, and early childhood development.

As children grow up in the modern digital world, they have a natural ability to interact with electronic games, and toys. This unique learning kit is an educational toy designed especially for kids and youngsters. The modular system allows nearly endless combinations of builds that are simple to use, educational, as well as fun for the whole family.


The Honeycomb team was motivated to turn children’s natural attraction to electronics into fun, interactive learning that encourages creativity and develops problem solving skills. This revolutionary musical learning system lets kids plug, connect and play in seconds. The easy to use modular blocks include sound modules of more than 16 instrument sounds, 20 classic songs, 48 music loops, and 96 sounds of animals and nature. The different combinations allows creative improvisation with an endless number of sounds and songs. The blocks can be turned on and off with simple gesture control for convenience and fun, putting the magic of music right at the fingertips.


In addition to being fun, Hocokiki teaches the basics of coding that are an important skill in today’s world. By understanding the effect that different combinations of blocks create, the basics of coding and programming can be understood in a simple way. With Hocokiki, anyone can learn simple coding and programming systems. 

Hocokiki is an evolution of the simple building blocks that many youngsters grew up with but include the latest electronics for a new generation of children. They are simple to use and make a fun activity for the whole family.


“As innovative electronics makers who are also parents, we understand the importance of early childhood education, but we realize that to fully engage kids, learning must be fun. We designed Hocokiki with creativity and fun in mind but also created a system that encourages cognitive development, musical talent and hands-on interaction.” Robi Wang CEO, Honeycomb Electronics


Hocokiki is a powerful and fun learning tool for all youngsters with an interest in music, building and electronics. It is a toy that emphasizes STEM philosophies, an educational system that uses a holistic approach to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics that helps to develop problem solving and creativity in children. STEAM learning is proven to help early childhood development and collaborative learning while developing lifelong digital skills. 

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