Today’s additions to the website include:

  • Forms for shareholders owning 1% or more of PTC stock. Shareholders can return these forms to the RJ Landau law firm.
  • New business Atlas could potentially obtain if controlling directors directed Atlas to do so, including pictures of automated parking systems, special pallets used in logistics, utilizing shipping containers for residential and retail purposes, and lightweight mobile trailer fabrication.

We continue to have questions for PTC’s controlling directors Samuel Seidman and Arthur Stupay, including:

  1. Will they declare and pay a dividend for the quarter ended September 2017?
  2. What do they say about the current condition and future prospects of Atlas/PTC?
  3. What are their ideas (if any) to increase value for PTC shareholders?
  4. What are their ideas (if any) to substantially grow revenues and profits?   
  5. Are Atlas’ served markets growing?  If yes, what specific data sources confirm the growth of Atlas’ markets?  If no, what are they doing to move Atlas in practical and effective ways into new markets?
  6. What are Seidman and Stupay specifically doing to make Atlas’ products more compelling technically than competitors’ products’?
  7. How often does Seidman meet customers?  If he meets customers infrequently, how can he be an effective CEO?
  8. How many hours weekly does Seidman work as CEO?  Does Seidman plan to retire soon? If yes, what is his succession plan?
  9. Will the controlling directors provide full and complete financials for PTC shareholders?
  10. If the Levine Family hires a turnaround/restructuring advisor on behalf of major PTC shareholders, will controlling directors provide full and unfettered access to Atlas and the documents needed to obtain a full analysis of the company for shareholders?

We will continue to update shareholders as we learn the answers to these and other pertinent questions as we continue our efforts to optimize PTC.

Note: The above may include predictions that might be considered forward-looking. While statements represent our current judgments regarding the future, these are subject to risks and actual future results could differ materially.  You are cautioned to not unduly rely on forward-looking statements, which reflect our opinions only as of today’s date.  While we will try to do so, we are not obligating ourselves to revise or publicly release revisions to forward-looking statements upon new information or future events


SOURCE Jesse Levine

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