ThirdEye’s X1 Smart Glasses  have received interest & pre-orders from Enterprises, Educational Institutions, Sports Media & Law Enforcement. The X1 pushes the boundaries of Augmented Reality hardware. Packed with the latest sensors, chips and a powerful optics design that allows users to experience a HD display that is the equivalent to a 90”screen at 10 feet, the X1 is a fully integrated product and its sleek form factor & UI allow the user to easily wear it while completing tasks.

ThirdEye’s AR Software provides a full Enterprise Augmented Reality platform that includes live audio, video, P.O.V AR data communication between remote users- a “See What I See” application. This app is hands-free – the user controls via their head-motion which is based on ThirdEye’s proprietary software and provides an intuitive AR interface that allows on-site personnel to collaborate with remotely located experts. Its 3-Screen interface allows the remote user to have a clear Field of View while rotating between AR screens via head-motion.  A secure cloud based architecture enables the entire session to be archived for later reference. This app directly contributes to improved first time repair rates and to more cost-effective operations.  The software is modular based on the end-user’s needs- Law Enforcement inputs real-time image recognition capabilities while Enterprises & Universities stream a remote user’s live Point of View with annotations.

The ThirdEye App Store lets developers submit their Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality applications.  Developers can submit either a Free app or a Paid app and receive a percentage of every Paid app download.  The X1 Smart Glasses run on Android- creating a platform for the worldwide community of AR/VR developers.

“The ThirdEye App Store will help spur Augmented Reality App development,” says Nick Cherukuri, Founder of ThirdEye.  “Our X1 Smart Glasses can switch between AR & VR and we wanted to create a platform that benefited the developers creating the best AR/VR applications.”

If you are interested in using the X1 Smart Glasses or the ThirdEye AR Software Platform, please contact [email protected]. Follow us on Twitter. Or subscribe to our newsletter for future updates!

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