NEW YORK – 09-17-2018 ( — The car is privately owned and shared for the people in need when itis not in use. This is the sharing economy. The experts in the economy who conclude that the real sharing economy must have the following points.

1: The ownership of the product is scattered, (like TTV ridesharing, the car belongs to each owner)2: The right to use the shared item rather than the ownership;3: Integrate idle resources to maximize their effectiveness;4: The owner of the item has the benefit of sharing the item;
According to the above conditions, we know that many existing projects that are sharing the banner are actually not considered to be a sharing economy. Generally, “sharing the treasure is the sharing economy.” TTV has debuted this and bring it to a new dimension. All of these are partial official explanations. We cannot say whether the definition of “a shared economy” is correct” as expressed by Timothy, co-founder of TTV Ventures.
As defined by Timothy “The first form of a sharing economy: the definition of sharing economy should not be defined only from the ownership defined by the above “experts”. The sharing should be the benefit, the breaking of the original distribution mechanism, or even breaking the monopoly!”
Sharing the economy and sharing should be inseparable.
To sum up, Tian Tian Ventures model consist of sharing of goods and the sharing of profits which are the definition and essence of the sharing economy. 

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