ATLANTA, GA – 01-07-2020 ( — Volo Press Books ( today announced that ‘The 12-Month Manuscript’ e-book is available for pre-order on 

With January being a prime time for people to make pledges to do everything from start a new career to lose weight, writing a book is on many people’s New Year’s resolution list. Now, those wanting to become published authors have Volo Press Books CEO Tenesha L. Curtis to guide them step-by-step through the book-writing process. “Many people, especially those who say that they know they could write if (insert excuse here) consider writing a mystical experience. They think that they can light some aromatic candles and wait for the Muse to show up. Tenesha Curtis knows better. I know better,” says Chuck Holmes, author of ‘More Than Just Cellular,’ “And I would imagine that anybody who has written successfully knows better. It’s work.” ‘The 12-Month Manuscript’ includes chapters on thinking like an author, picking a word count goal, doing a “time inventory,” and preparing to start a regiment of daily or weekly writing. The most surprising feature of a book that is meant to help support writers during a year-long process is that the book itself isn’t even a hundred pages long. It’s made for busy people who want to quickly and confidently make a plan and dive into action. “I put effort into not wasting a minute of my reader’s time,” said Curtis. “People who have never finished their manuscript don’t need more stalling or hesitation. They need a focused set of instructions so they can get to work.” To pre-order a copy of ‘The 12-Month Manuscript’ visit Volo Press BooksVolo Press Books ( is a female-run, minority-owned small press based in Atlanta, Georgia and offers writing, editing, publishing, and promotion services to individuals and businesses. Volo Press Books seeks to be the country’s most cost-effective writing services firm, where clients can get help with everything from creating a 100-word product description to publishing a 1,000-page novel. offers multiple publishing packages and a la carte services, including resume writing and book editing.  CONTACT: Tenesha L. Curtis, 404-579-7252SOURCE: Volo Press Books

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