DUBAI – 10-24-2018 — TKEY DMCC’s mission is to change the world – with a core blockchain-driven solution for decentralizing global financial exchanges with accessible, simple, and secure payment systems that let people become their own banks

The IT team behind Tkeycoin, TKEY DMCC, today made the announcement that they had officially been included in the Dun & Bradstreet registry (D-U-N-S Number 561428626), a global business network that builds trust and relationships between businesses by providing detailed files for prospective partners and clients.

The move, one of the first in the cryptocurrency industry, marks out Tkeycoin as a leader in building a transparent blockchain business at a time when adoption of blockchain technology is steadily growing.

Tkeycoin is the world’s most advanced payment system, offering a powerful, blockchain-powered AI system that can handle as many as 50,000 transactions a second, a huge advance over Bitcoin (7), Ethereum (15), and banker’s favorite Ripple (1,500) – it even manages to beat Visa (24,000). With this incredible advance, TKEY DMCC has positioned itself as a leader in helping people to become their own bank and take charge of their finances.

“Our goal has always been to create a simple, decentralized method of financial exchange around with minimal commissions for middlemen, giving society a more accessible, simple, and higher-quality economic system. To achieve this, we had to create a new core blockchain and payment system,” explained Pavel Yakimov, project lead for Tkeycoin at TKEY DMCC.

“Now we have a team, a product, and a mission. Our world-class team, now working from the prestigious international zone of the multi-product trade center DMCC, combined with close business ties and relationships, have placed us in a strong spot as 2019 approaches. Being included in the official Dun & Bradstreet registry is just another successful step on our roadmap.”

The news comes toward the end of a bearish 2018 in which the rocky cryptocurrency market floundered, despite the barrage of good news emerging from institutions. With Coinbase and Circle today announcing the CENTRE Consortium and the launch of a dollar-backed digital coin, the future looks bright – especially in light of a shaky Dow Jones Index and new insecurities on the traditional stock market.

In the broader world, adoption is picking up the pace as the volatile asset class continues to go from strength to strength, sped up as world figures such as SpaceX and Tesla head Elon Musk post about cryptocurrency on Twitter. In turn, governments are increasingly moving toward regulation, showing a bright future for cryptocurrency and serious teams such as Tkeycoin which are dedicated to transparency and building fast, secure, and reliable blockchain products.

“Society needs Tkeycoin – this is why we are going to succeed,” added Pavel Yakimov. “We’ve taken the world’s leading cryptocurrencies and used their individual benefits to create a new currency with no weak spots; something that we believe is the future of not just the cryptocurrency markets, but also global payments and the international finance markets.”

For more information about Tkeycoin, TKEY DMCC, and its innovative new blockchain core, view the groundbreaking whitepaper, or to take part in the ongoing ICO which is currently offering a 30% discount on tokens, please visit For all general and media inquiries, please contact Pavel Yakimov at [email protected].


TKEY DMCC’s product, Tkeycoin, offers banking and financial solutions to make life easier for its users. The coin offers innovative, market-leading solutions which are based on peer-to-peer networks and blockchain technology with a focus on security, stability, and durability. For more information about Tkeycoin and the team behind the project, please visit the company website.


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