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​While technology has sure made human life easier and has even replaced a lot of human jobs, it still cannot compete in tasks that require skill as well as intelligence. The skills are passed from generation to generation, which makes sure that the art of excellent craftsmanship is not lost with a single individual. From such a skilled family belongs Todd Kassal, who is a master in the art of welding, with his name known by almost everyone in the city of Scottsdale, Arizona in lieu of his legendary welding.

Many people have the misconception that welding is an easy task. And while it is not rocket science, it is not as simple as it looks like. A lot of factors need to be kept in mind to ensure a weld that will withstand heavy duty use over the years while maintaining its structural integrity. From the correct choice of metals to be welded to ensuring the amount of welding done is just right for the joints to be connected together, welding requires a lot of split-second calculations which can be only done by those skilled in the art of welding.

On top of that, welding is an extremely dangerous occupation, with chances of hot of heavy metals falling over the welder as well as the smoke generated causing health problems if inhaled. Therefore, welding is nothing short of challenging and not everyone has the capability to do it. But with the right amount of perseverance and hard work, one can learn and even be a master in welding like Todd Kassal, who, even in the face of adversity, mastered the art of welding.

Born to a poor family of welders in rural Arizona, Todd Kassal was always fascinated by the way how two discrete pieces of metal were connected together as one with the help of welding. Every other day, he used to visit his dad in his workshop and gaze enthusiastically at the way his dad used to weld pieces of metals large or small with such precision and accuracy. Todd’s dad, even in their financial hardship, enrolled Todd to a school, where Todd was one of the star students.

Even though he could not afford those expensive school books, he passed his school and high school with flying colors, scoring a distinction in all his subjects. Subsequently, he joined college and pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture. He also pursued a technical degree in Welding. His skills and talent ensured that he got a job almost instantaneously after completing his education, and he was involved in several large infrastructure projects all around America as well as in other major countries of the world.

Although Todd was far away from the hardships and the monetary struggles he faced during his childhood, he always thought that something was missing from his life. He still had the passion of welding after all these years, and he wanted to spread this skill to people far and wide. So, last year, he settled in his hometown in Arizona and decided to impart his welding skills to learners. He opened a technical school called the Kassal technical school, which has an aim of training people the best of any technical skill they desire. The specialty of the school, as you must have guessed, is welding, with a wide variety of courses teaching the different techniques of welding.

Todd Kassal himself heads the welding classes himself and one can really feel his enthusiasm while attending any of his classes. Todd Kassal is one among several others who are doing their bit to ensure that humanity’s great skills and craftsmanship are passed on from generation to generation instead of being lost in the endless void of history and time. In a way, he is also giving an opportunity to the future generation to see how things used to work before the rise of the machines, who are slowly but surely, taking the workload off humans.

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