LYNCHBURG, VA – 02-01-2019 ( — Here is a list of the top 10 most popular national days for friends or friendship and tips and suggestions for how to have fun celebrating each one:

  1. JUN 8: National Best Friends Day (click here)
  2. OCT 3: National Boyfriend Day (click here)
  3. AUG 4: National Friendship Day (click here)
  4. AUG 1: National Girlfriends Day (click here)
  5. JUN 22: National Kissing Day (click here)
  6. APR 20: National Lookalike Day (click here)
  7. MAR 20: National Proposal Day (click here)
  8. FEB 7: National Send a Card to a Friend Day (click here)
  9. DEC 1: National Women Complimenting Other Women Day (click here)
  10. FEB 6: National Valentine Shopping Reminder Day (click here)

These 10 popular national days relating to friends or friendship. There is no better way to prove friendship or show loved ones that you care than reminding your friends on each of these national days that they are valued and loved. Celebrating national days relating to friendship is fun and a great way to make new friends or strengthen bonds with existing friends. There is also link to each day where the national day is registered and contains a dedicated web page sharing how the day first started, fun facts about the national day, and suggestions on creative ways to celebrate the special national day. Have fun exploring each of these 10 most popular national days for friends or friendship. You not only can learn how to make some new friends, but will strengthen your bond with existing friends. You can also create a new national day in honor of your best friend. You have two choices, for a one time registration fee of $99 you get a professionally designed official certification from National Day Archives in a pdf format that you can give to your friend and post to Facebook or other social media sites proving your friendship. See this link: you have the budget, for $495 you actually name a national day after your friend and the day shows up on National Day Archives in the same manner as the popular friend days listed above. You get credit for creating the day and get a permanent web page on the site filled with nice things to say about your friend for the whole world to see and celebrate. See this link:
Visit National Day Archives, LLC ( to explore all of the existing national days for friendship or to create a new national day for your best friend or favorite activity. 

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