SHANGHAI, CHINA – 11-02-2018 ( — The Shareholder meeting of Chinese Media Investor, Un Nouveau Jour, was held on Friday in Shanghai. New proposed corporate acquisitions for the fourth quarter of 2018 and the first quarter of 2019 were discussed during the question and answer period. 

According to Chief Financial Officer, Stefan Gerstmayer-“the company has many exciting corporate investments with a focus on television, content development and merchandizing that are in the final stages of negotiation”. One of the more humorous and fascinating discussions held in the crowded hotel ball room was the announcement that Un Nouveau Jour in a joint venture with Wanda-Halcyon Television and New Street Pictures of London will make a formal offer next week to acquire the television rights to novelist, George Christie’s book “Marked”- “A Story of Lies,Loyalty,Betrayal and Brotherhood”- a fictional account of the leader of an outlaw Californian motorcyle club. Christie is a colorful character who founded the Ventura, California chapter of the Hells Angels in the 1970s, and was president for nearly three decades, surviving gang wars, multiple prosecutions and attempts on his life. He left the Hells Angels in 2011 and is now a writer and consultant in California. According to Zhan Chan, Director of Communications for Un Nouveau Jour, “the company is looking for acquisitions over a wide spectrum of content and the book by George Christie, the novelist, fulfilled a segment that we want to develop into a television program to support our merchandizing division while simultaneously impacting the 24-54 year old demographic viewer which is the most lucrative segment for our advertising partners” According to Wanda-Halcyon Television executive, Pat Andrew, “the novel could potentially make a very poignant television production if we can develop a manuscript that is current and deals with the trials and tribulations of veterans who leave the US military service and end up in outlaw motorcycle clubs. That theme in the book really attracted our creative group as both relevant and heart wrenching”.Un Nouveau Jour, Wanda-Halcyon Television and Memphis Writers are investors in numerous television productions worldwide.

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