Unite consultants are travelling to attend a networking event that includes meeting industry leaders, coaching workshops and fun activities.

Press Release updated: Oct 29, 2017 09:00 EDT

​It’s always exciting when a consultant takes their professional growth into their own hands and goes to events and seminars to help them really excel. Later this month, several individuals from Unite will attend a networking event in Cabarita Beach, NSW. This gives the individuals the chance to network with top industry leaders as well as other high performers.

“Networking is a cornerstone in any industry,” shared Darren, a coach at Unite. “We encourage consultants to take advantage of networking opportunities, especially industry networking events. We want them to see how well others are doing and have the opportunity to pick their brains and build relationships with other success stories.”

United Consultants Excited About Networking on Yacht

“Networking is a cornerstone in any industry.

Darren, Coach

One particularly fun aspect of the networking event in Cabarita Beach, is a chance to spend time networking, attending coaching workshops and other fun activities. This helps make the networking a little easier and a lot more fun. Rather than standing around a convention centre at a table of cocktails, different consultants from across the country are able to talk about what they’re doing in a more relaxed and sociable environment. Individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit will have the opportunity to attend individual coaching sessions during the trip.

“The Unite consultants who are attending, along with myself, the event are driven individuals and for them, having a chance to mix networking with a fun experience is really a win-win situation. They came back with excellent contacts as well as great stories. Having fun with new contacts is a great way to build a strong relationship and always gives you something to relate and talk about in the future.”

“Attending functions such as the networking event is a great way for consultants to develop professionally and move their goals forward, so we’re always researching upcoming get-togethers, sharing them within the community, and encouraging people to attend,” said Darren. “We also try to cultivate a culture internally of imagining your future and then setting specific goals to help you accomplish this. When you share these goals with the others around you, they can then support you and help you achieve them.”

Working towards professional goals is a great reason to attend networking events. The other top performers give support and guidance as well as someone to reach out to with specific questions in the future. “The broader the network these consultants build, the more we see them succeed,” shared Darren.

About Unite:

Unite is one of Australia’s leading direct marketing companies. Situated in Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane and Sydney. Unite Marketing is a recognised leader in consulting and marketing services. We partner with companies so that they can progress their products’ visibility and achieve profit goals. Our contractors work with clients to understand their unique business requirements. We create a customised solution that best suits each company’s outreach needs. Learn more about their success at unitemarketing.com.au.

Source: Unite Marketing

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