More than 200 partners from all over the world attended the summit. Hermit Zhang, CEO of Uniview, gave the opening speech. “It’s been 12 years since Uniview started video surveillance business in 2005. And the global video surveillance trend has changed a lot. But one thing that hasn’t change is our commitment to our partner and our ability to do amazing things together.” Said Hermit Zhang. Uniview keeps its pioneer position among global video surveillance manufacturers for reasons. Uniview always puts innovation and quality to the first place during the whole process of product research and development, keeps pushing the edge of innovation.

Uniview started international business for only 3 years but gained a remarkable growth. Uniview kept compound annual growth rate with more than 100% for three consecutive years. Business covered more than 120 countries. Nowadays, Uniview has grown to be an ascendant role which cannot be ignored.

Ximen Yan, President of Uniview International Business Department, also shared Uniview’s plan to the future. “About 10 years before, IT technology was brought to CCTV industry, new solution brings new opportunities as well as new challenges. In the past 10 years, some players raised up and some went down. Uniview caught the chance and grown to be the No.3 in China, and No.7 worldwide. Now, a new 10-year is coming, the new age is the age of AI. To suit for the new technology, hardware and software will be changed, application and business model will be overturned, and the order in the whole industry will be converted.” Said Ximen Yan, “I think Uniview will be ready for this new challenges. We started to invest in AI technology research three years ago. A professional algorithm team built by more than 100 engineers has been ready. Benefit from our rich experience in Chinese high-end market, Uniview is able to transfer ability and mature solution to international market.”

In the name of close relationships with partners, four special guests from Australia, Iran and U.S. have been given a chance to speak. Each of these distributors shared their story and sense of belonging to the Uniview family.

Uniview launched the new slogan for international market on the summit – Unlimited New View. It is with the hope that Uniview wants to depend on the unlimited accelerated market, product and technology development. We will bring a new view to the whole industry ecosystem by enriching the local competitive market, balancing industry development, and maximizing the benefit of all stakeholders.

Uniview wants to be a quiet industry change-maker and focuses on the partnerships so that both Uniview and partners can achieve our goal as the theme of the Partner Summit – “Stronger Together”.

About Uniview 
Uniview is the leading supplier of video surveillance products and solutions. With more than 12 years’ experience in IP video surveillance, Uniview now is the 7th largest manufacturer worldwide (IHS Markit).

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