ORLANDO, FL – 09-20-2018 (PRDistribution.com) — VIPRE TECHNOLOGY GROUP LLC  VSA (Voice Stress Analyzer) is the ONLY VSA Instrument on the market today that actually takes full advantage of the Microsoft Windows 10 Operating System.  Go to VIPRE TECHNOLOGY GROUP revised website located at www.vipretechnology.com .  

While a few other VSA truth verification systems run on Windows 10 or promising existing examiners they will be on WIndows 10, VIPRE can DELIVER TODAY.  The VIPRE VSA is the ONLY VSA Vendor actually using the touch screen interface, it is NOT just the same version of the VSA software ported from Windows XP, to Windows 7, and then to Windows 10.   The cost of Windows 10 based computers are HIGHER as you have to select the touch screen option. 

Only VIPRE TECNOLOGY GROUP saves your LE Agency thousands of dollars in terms of initial purchase and on going training.  VIPRE Technology offers the following options NOT available from most VSA vendors:

1.  Your LE Agency purchases a VIPRE VSA Total System Solution.  We provide notebook and tablet computers from the leading manufacturer’s to include DELL, LENOVO, and ACER.  VIPRE also offers the revolutionary Microsoft Tablet.

2.  Your LE Agency purchases VIPRE VSA SOFTWARE ONLY to be installed on industry standard notebooks or tablets.  
Most hardware platforms are supported however contact VIPRE TECHNOLOGY GROUP for final approval.   Most VSA vendors DO NOT want your LE Agency to purchase VSA software alone.  It is more profitable if your LE Agency purchases as a complete system. In some cases this LOCKS your LE Agency into that VSA vendor with no exit strategy for you in the event of a problem. 

3.  Your LE Agency takes advantages of the VIPRE Technology Group SWITCH/UPGRADE PROGRAM.   VIPRE Technology Group gives you a system credit for the VSA and or Polygraph unit you have presently  We do not take physical possession of the unit, and your LE Agency can use it in parallel while converting to the VIPRE VSA Instrument. 
LE Agencies currently using the CVSA can SWITCH TO the VIPRE VSA and be operational in a matter of days.  

One of the best features of the VIPRE VSA System or software ONLY purchases is your LE Agency can UPGRADE the Microsoft Operating System and retain total control over your hardware.  Currently we run on WIndows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.  When the next version comes out your LE Agency can simply upgrade the operating system and keep your current computer.  No more upgrades to new hardware when a new version of Windows is introduced by Microsoft.  You also DO  NOT have to send the computer back for every minor problem that might occur.

VIPRE Technology Group provides all of these options as to offer the most flexibility and pricing options to your LE Agency. No other VENDOR has all of these options.  

4.  Training Options.  While NO state law presently exists that mandates VSA Examiner Certification,  training is important. VIPRE Technology believes your LE Agency deserves options in this category as well.  VIPRE offers ONLINE Examiner Certification and Recertification.   Our rates are far lower than any other VSA vendor.  VIPRE also can provide In Class training as well through IAVSA (International Association of Voice Stress Analysts)  IAVSA is a Non Profit organization in OHIO that offers training throughout the USA.   IAVSA is expanding as of this year and offering more training classes. IAVSA charges 50%  less than any other training provider.   www.iavsacertifiedexaminers.com  

VIPRE Technology Group does NOT have any business or legal linkage with IAVSA or is it run out of the VIPRE Technology Offices, IAVSA is 100% independent and been training examiners since 1995.  We do post IAVSA training events on our website as a courtesy.  Training is optional and not state mandated.   No VSA or Polygraph manufacturer can dictate to any LE Agency regarding examiner certification.  No Public or Private Corporation has that authority.

We urge all LE Agencies seeking to acquire or transition to another VSA Instrument to contact VIPRE Technology Group. VIPRE Technology Group offers more options than any other VSA vendor in the market.  Before you BUY any VSA Instrument we suggest you RUN Test exams to determine if the system works for your LE Agency. DO NOT BUY any instrument you have not seen or tested.  Read the EULA (End User Licensing Agreements) carefully before purchasing from any vendor, VSA or polygraph

VIPRE Technology Group LLC is dedicated to providing law enforcement and government agencies with state of  the art truth verification systems, online and In Class Training options, & professional service & support. 

CVSA is Reg. Trademark of NITV FS LLC

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Website: www.vipretechnology.com

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