ORLANDO, FL – 09-27-2018 (PRDistribution.com) — VIPRE TECHNOLOGY GROUP LLC once again  reaffirms it’s commitment to Police & Law Enforcement VSA Voice Stress Examiners. We are the ONLY VSA – Voice Stress Analyzer vendor to provide Windows 10 Touch Screen Voice Stress Analyzer on TABLETS, and from major computer vendors.  VIPRE VSA is already running on Dell, Acer, & Lenovo notebooks, and at a cost far less than most VSA vendors. 

VIPRE VSA unlike other VSA vendors is not just the same VSA  program being ported to Windows 10.  The VIPRE VSA system,  notebook or tablet uses the robust features of the Microsoft Windows 10 Operating System.    

VIPRE VSA Tablets runs on some of the following platforms:

1.  Dell Standard & Rugged Tablets as it appears in this press release.
2.  Microsoft Surface – Performs like a notebook, portability of a tablet
3.  Lenovo Tablets & 2 in 1 Systems
4.  Acer Tablets.  Packed with features & Cost Effective.

VIPRE VSA Tablet based systems are a great solution for law enforcement & government seeking to have a smaller technology footprint.  VIPRE is the best in class in terms of a law enforcement grade VSA – Voice Stress Analyzer, and for a very competitive price point.   Just like VIPRE VSA installed on notebooks, the VIPRE VSA Tablet versions allow the LE Agency total control of the hardware with no restrictions, and free to upgrade to newer versions of ANY Microsoft Operating System. 

VIPRE VSA Tablets are ideal for Police/Law Enforcement & Government agencies with varied missions and want a VSA (Voice Stress Analyzer) in smaller configuration, and having the same features of the notebook VSA back in the office. 

VIPRE TECHNOLOGY GROUP provides flexible solutions and realizes that Police/Law Enforcement budgets are tight.  In that we can provider our VIPRE VSA Tablets as a complete solution. We can also install our VIPRE VSA software on existing LE Agency Tablet systems once your configuration has been approved by VIPRE TECHNOLOGY GROUP LLC.

VIPRE VSA Tablets feature easy set up and training.  Online Examiner and recertification training or the In Class option with IAVSA.  

Contact VIPRE TECHNOLOGY GROUP for complete details about our VIPRE VSA Tablet based systems.  Innovations that are Enhancing Safety & Security Worldwide.  Visit us at www.VipreTechnology.com 

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