United States, California, Los Angeles – 05-30-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — Virtalus, a leading developer of IaaS and private cloud solutions, today announced the launch of the newest offering in its HyperCX Series, HyperCX Bento. Bento delivers enhanced speed, efficiency and scaling through containerized private cloud solutions, serving critical performance requirements for SMB and Enterprise clients.  

Bento represents superior throughput, latency, response time and efficiency within the HyperCX hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) suite of services. When using Bento, users will be able to deploy more workloads while consuming less resources compared to HyperCX virtual machines, increasing overall density. IO intensive workloads will experience the bigger performance improvement and time to reach capacity will be lower,  and IO intensive workloads will Bento honors the hallmark and overarching value of all HyperCX solutions: ease-of-use. By spawning system-level containers, Bento gives users an identical experience when switching from the HyperCX virtual machine environment.

HyperCX is able to support Full Virtualization and containers on the same cluster, enabling users to leverage the enhanced performance from containers while not being limited to only deploy Linux workloads.

HyperCX solutions are available for hosted and on-premises deployment, with orchestration-level support provided 24 hours a day through experienced architects and engineers around the globe.  Virtalus has pioneered open-source HCI solutions, with bespoke designs delivered to major government and private sector clients throughout the world. The organization’s focus on client-specific solutions, and user-friendly and cost-effective design, has grown brand recognition significantly since its founding in 2015.

“Bento brings agility, productivity and value to our clients and in that sense, is a natural evolution to what we pride ourselves on building – a highly efficient environment that enables our clients to operate and grow”, said Chief Technology Officer Sergio Vega.

“Continuous improvement is not just a shopworn phrase within our organization.  We are zealous in our approach. Our core output is to bring value, quality and efficiency to our private cloud solutions.  We win when the client wins. Virtalus will design, test and build to exceed our clients’ needs and expectations. Giving them the competitive upper-hand ensures we never lose ours”, added Founder and Chief Executive Officer Mazhar Durrani. 

About Virtalus:

VIRTALUS is a U.S.-based provider of innovative Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) solutions on demand, deploying fast, simple, reliable and scalable computing, networking and storage infrastructure. The organization is dedicated to providing core IT functionality to enterprises, at a fraction of the time and cost of prevailing market alternatives. Virtalus delivers high-value HCI capacity ON DEMAND to clients all over the world.  For more info: 


Media Contacts:

Company Name: VIRTALUS LLC
Full Name: Mazhar Durrani, CEO
Phone: +1.818.964.1550
Email Address: Send Email
Website: www.virtalus.com

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