Meet us at Hanoi this September 27-28th as we showcase our Rapid Response Communication System at Vietnam’s biggest ICT Expo of the year.

GURGAON, INDIA – 09-26-2018 ( — VNL’s portable emergency communication, search and rescue system will be on display at booth #10-11 at the Melia Hotel for the India-ASEAN ICT Expo 2018 in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Targeted at central disaster management agencies and their state counterparts around the globe, ResQMobil can be tailored to specific area or country requirements and is designed to work during all natural and man-made disasters including earthquakes, storms, floods and tsunamis, fires, and terrorist, chemical or nuclear attacks.

ResQMobil facilitates emergency response by providing an independent communication network to first responders, along with search and rescue support by using mobile location of affected civilians, and integrates with different legacy radio networks to provide actionable information to authorities seeking a bigger picture.

Because public communication networks are the first casualty in most disasters, first-responders and public safety agencies need a dedicated communication system to be setup and deployed at the disaster site within hours, to minimize disaster impact. VNL’s ResQMobil is an integrated solution that can be made operational in less than an hour, providing Voice, Video & Data connectivity to on-field rescue teams.

Apart from creating a local private network, connectivity with the outside world can also be established with available backhaul, including satellite, enabled through appropriate arrangements with respective operators of a country.

Our solutions have been marshalled by disaster management and paramilitary forces within the country and abroad, with our country’s national relief agency already having procured ResQMobil systems in their planning phase for disaster mitigation.


In the past, ResQMobil has successfully rounded up a series of Disaster Risk Reduction events with a resounding response. We look forward to another successful participation at this event.


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