We are very disappointed in the decision by Governor Rosselló to ask PREPA to cancel the contract which led to PREPA’s announcement this afternoon. The decision will only delay what the people of Puerto Rico want and deserve – to have the power restored quickly in the same manner their fellow citizens on the mainland experience after a natural disaster. We will certainly finish any work that PREPA wants us to complete and stand by our commitments knowing that we made an important contribution to the restoration of the power grid since our arrival on the island on October 2.

The decision by PREPA to move quickly and our ability to mobilize immediately exceeded all other efforts by other parties.  In less than a month we brought 350 workers with specific expertise in this task and were on track to have more than 500 linemen on the island by this week if allowed to continue.  We also brought over 600 pieces and 2,500 tons of equipment, including 400 trucks, cranes and excavators, as well as five helicopters. 

The Whitefish Energy team completed significant work on two major transmission lines that crossed over the mountains of Puerto Rico and some critical work on very remote parts to the south which are only accessible by helicopter and heavy equipment. Those efforts led to the restoration of power to hospitals, businesses and residents of Manati, and very shortly, another 500,000 people in the city of San Juan will have power because of the extension of our work on transmission lines east of Manati.  The original decision by PREPA to have Whitefish Energy come to the Puerto Rico only sped up the repairs, and if it were not for that action, crews would just now be getting to the island to begin the process of rebuilding the system and restoring power.

We only wish the best for the great people of Puerto Rico. We are very proud of our contributions to the island’s recovery and proud of the tremendous work that our team has done under very challenging conditions.

Media Contact:
Chris Chiames
[email protected]

SOURCE Whitefish Energy Holdings, LLC

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