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Wholesale Property Depot (, the company that buys houses in Jacksonville, Florida fast for cash, is helping homeowners with their tax bills.

“The average American household pays around $2,000 a year in property taxes,” says spokesperson Veronica Hernandez. “That’s a real struggle for some homeowners. More than $11 billion in property taxes are not paid each year.”

She goes on to note that property taxes are not the only taxing issue facing Americans.

“More and more, people are trying to get ahead financially by engaging in the gig economy, or turning to entrepreneurship,” she continues. “When you are busy building your own brand, it can be easy to forget that you no longer have an employer setting taxes aside from your paycheck. Your income becomes erratic, and from that you have to set aside your own taxes. Too many Americans get a big surprise at tax time when they realize how much they owe – and how little they have saved up for it.”

“Wholesale Property Depot can help. If you own a home in the Jacksonville area, we can buy it from you for cash. The home can be in any condition, even condemned. If your home is creating a financial strain on top of your property taxes or income taxes, consider selling it.

“Small business owners, or those tired of struggling to keep a roof over their head, can find relief by selling their home quickly for cash and renting instead, freeing up capital for travel, leisure and other pursuits. You don’t have to feel ‘house poor,’ or pay out thousands in property tax when you rent; and if you have a big income tax bill that is gaining interest, why go further into debt? Your home is an asset and you can liquidate it to meet your tax obligations.”

Wholesale Property Depot is a home buying company, not a real estate firm. That means no commissions and more equity in your pocket. It also means you never have to stage, repair or renovate your home, and you can close the sale on the schedule that works for you, even if you need to close in a matter of days.”

For more information, visit or call 904-531-3113 for a quote. Quotes are hassle-free and non-obligatory.

About Wholesale Property Depot

Wholesale Property Depot buys houses in Jacksonville, Florida, and we pay you for your house in cash! This means you can get a quick sale no matter what condition the house is in. Free yourself from the nightmare of cleaning, renovating and staging your home, and simply go the new and progressive way to sell your house in Jacksonville – fast, for cash.

Contact Details:

Veronica Hernandez
6001-21 Argyle Forest Blvd. #32244
Jacksonville, FL 32244

Phone: 904-531-3113

Source: Wholesale Property Depot


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