NEW YORK, NY – 12-10-2018 ( — There is so much to celebrate in life, work, and the lives we lead. Yet, far too often we accelerate through the praise and push forward to the next project. Entrepreneurs struggle to acknowledge their own success because from their perspective there is so much more to be accomplished.

 EmpiHER® Magazine understands this first hand as its contributors and writers jump into the lives, businesses, and brands of its empire building, entrepreneurially spirited readers. And with the beginning of Volume 2 for EmpiHER® launching this month they are only getting stronger and going deeper with meeting you where you are at, being that trusted resource for your business, and helping you bring forth the next evolution of your EmpiHER®. With over 10 experts, 12 issues, 160k readers, and millions of words written, EmpiHER® Magazine helps the modern day entrepreneur build their business and brands – their empires- however they see fit.
Grab your copy of December’s issue of EmpiHER® Magazine on digital and real-world newsstands now.  ( )

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