NEW YORK, NY – 09-17-2018 ( — Most Gen X and Y entrepreneurs have a  love-hate relationship with technology. Some advancements make life so much easier and you can’t imagine life without them. While others leave us wondering, why?

 The truth is many entrepreneurs consider throwing their phone out of the window as they cruise down the highway, more than they would really like to admit. You see, no matter if you love or just kind of like technological advances, on many levels technology is the evil witch in the fairy tale, Hansel and Gretel. Building us a beautiful candy-filled home to lure us in and then try to throw us in the oven. Technology, though needed, doesn’t come as organically to the Gen X/Y generation who still loves relationships and paper catalogs as it does the Millenials. But all is not lost for the Gen X/Y entrepreneurs, just like in the end Hansel and Gretel got smart and put the witch in the oven. They used her offerings to their advantage and wouldn’t allow her evil intent to be their demise. This is exactly what EmpiHER® ( Magazine’s September 2018 issue covers: How To Use Tech To Your Brand’s Advantage. 

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