ROCHESTER, MN – 10-01-2018 ( — Well-Intended People Reduced to Cogs in a Hate Machine Designed to Destroy a President

Rochester, MN – Once again, the New York Times has perpetrated journalistic fraud. On Sept. 16th, David Leonhardt, an opinion columnist for the Gray Lady, wrote a piece titled, “’Trump Derangement Syndrome’ Is a Myth: And the Democratic Party has not actually become a band of radical leftists.”Right.Predictably, Leonhardt steers clear of the evidence used by leading conservative voices regarding the phenomenon known as Trump Derangement Syndrome. Instead, he takes the reader down a circuitous path that would make Thesesus’ head spin.1. The primaries. Leonhardt refers to races where blue candidates were poised for easy wins, contrasts that against the red wave of 2010, and then concludes somehow that Trump’s presidency hasn’t made Democrats go crazy. Somebody tell Glenn Beck that his chalk and blackboard are missing.2. The special counsel. Leonhardt cites that Democratic leaders are wise to refuse to push for the impeachment of President Trump until after Mueller concludes his investigation. Can someone please call Maxine Waters, Tom Perez, Nancy Pelosi, and Elizabeth Warren? Leonhardt must be the only American alive who has not yet heard Democrat leaders calling for Trump’s impeachment.3. The policies. Leonhardt then hypothesizes that, had Hillary won in 2016, America would be doing better in every single category. Then he cites, “the radical agenda is the Republican agenda.” And that’s supposed to sufficiently prove that the Left hasn’t become more radical since Trump announced his candidacy.What didn’t Leonhardt discuss? The actual phenomenon, of course.A. Never before have so many Americans given themselves such an allowance to hate and desire the destruction of a fellow human being. (If you don’t believe me, spend two minutes searching among the myriad acts of violence committed against peace-loving Americans who dared to attend Trump rallies during the 2016 election.)B. Never before have so many Americans become so very intolerant of those who hold a traditional worldview. (Deplorable, Hillary said. Virulent, Joe Biden said more recently. Dregs of society, he added. Racist, says every young adult who admires them.)C. Never before has so much time, effort, and resources gone into undermining the efforts of a sitting, duly-elected president. (See what James O’Keefe, Sara Carter, and Gregg Jarrett have revealed in the past two years.)Simply put, never before in our lifetime have otherwise-well-intended people given themselves over to their baser natures like this.But it’s altogether reasonable when you think about it. An outsider threatens the status quo like never before. And so it melts their brains like nothing we’ve ever seen before.Sadly, they can’t see it any other way. It leaves them with one terrible predicament: destroy Trump and anyone who would stand with him, or watch the Establishment continue to unravel before their very eyes.While it’s no excuse for violence and venomous speech, it explains an awful lot.So the next time a Leftist decries Trump Derangement Syndrome as an excuse used by conservatives, gently ask them:Which side has given themselves an allowance to act against their better morals?About CompanyEn Folkefiende, a lifelong educator and connoisseur of national politics and media reporting, writes for, where truth is still believed to matter.

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