United States, New York, New York – 03-03-2020 (PRDistribution.com) — Zilia Media proposes an exclusive technology that first, automatically turns social posts from the main social platforms into ad units for the open web and then delivers these units across every ad exchange with a performance guaranteed model.

 It’s been a long time since ad format innovation has happened primarily within social platforms, leaving traditional digital formats to fall behind. Brands have already invested into these social assets but there is no interoperability between 2 platforms. What you create on Instagram can be only used within Instagram and likewise with Facebook, Twitter, etc. Zilia media’s technology allows to repurpose these social ad units instantly for addressable distribution everywhere else (this includes open ad exchanges for web and app) Laurent Bury, Zilia’s owner explains” whatever the size of the brand is, it is time consuming to re-create different ad units and this requires new investment every time. When studies show that 55% of the time spent by people happens outside the social networks, we just figure out how we could combine the best of these two worlds: engaging social ad formats and large audience distribution” This is how the technology has been developed. Bury adds “with a simple copy/paste of the url containing the social ad unit, we automatically grab all the components that makes the unit (picture, video, logo, text, button, etc.) and we recreate it into different sizes so it looks exactly like the original but it can be used on every ad exchange” Once the new ad formats are generated, brands simply select targeting options (demo, geo, context), the budget they want to spend and the ad units will be delivered with a performance guarantee. This means that brands are charged only when a click happens. JC Huchet, GM at Vuble, a digital trading desk in France, has been one of the first to use this technology: “the effectiveness of the platform is incredible. First, generating the ad unit and the campaign is incredibly easy and fast, but then, the results are much better compared to what you get with the social networks. One of our clients which is a large retailer saw a 1.8% CTR engagement which is a x3.7 higher than what he was getting on Instagram. And moreover, it also addresses one challenge of social creative by allowing for third-party measurement and validation.”After a beta version opened to a limited number of clients, Zilia media’s platform will be available for everyone in March 2020. For more information, you can contact them a: [email protected]

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Website: ziliam.com

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