Historically, data archiving and compliance has focused on the ability to store, manage, search, and classify information.  However, the largest challenge facing our clients today is not just how to organize their data, but the security of the data itself.  Zovy Enterprise has developed world class tools, procedures, and methods to protect our client’s data while maintaining ease of use and efficient implementation.  Zovy Enterprise addresses critical business challenges around both physical and digital security for all of our managed clients.

“The introduction of Zovy Enterprise emphasizes our focus on delivering best in class data governance through the fulfillments of a promise to deliver the most secure solution available for both our on premise and hosted clients,” said Chris Grossman, President, Zovy LLC. “Features such as encryption and virus scanning are no longer enough for modern security frameworks and at Zovy, we have brought this conversation center stage with the release of Zovy Enterprise.”

Physical Security – Over 50% of Zovy’s customers are hosted in our secure single tenant environments.  Zovy remains committed to providing our clients with the highest level of security and protection.  Our new partnership with ByteGrid has put us in a FedRamp Ready Data Center as we maintain the highest level of physical security for our client’s data.  Additionally, with the integration of C1 Secure’s CISO Sentinel, clients can report on their own compliance and security framework against industry accepted standards such as HIPAA and FIPS, or against their own custom security standards.  With this advantage, Zovy continues to allow our clients to have the highest level of security in the single tenant hosted environments.

System Security – Zovy Enterprise introduces several elements of functionality to address the evolving and increasing security needs of our clients.  In Zovy Enterprise we will introduce Dual Factor Authentication, Privileged User Reporting, Secure FTP Distribution, and Endpoint Data Protection.  These enhancements are driven from customer feedback emphasizing the need for data security from both internal and external threats.  Additionally, Zovy Enterprise will allow for enhanced DLP on secure file types, protection against malware through Email Impersonation Protection, and Behavioral Search Alerting against the use of client data.

Security Process Improvement – Our clients will also experience improved security through changes available to the processes they follow on high risk tasks.  All Zovy Enterprise customers will have access to ZHub for Secure Enterprise File Sync and Share as well as increased data classification capability for PCI, PII, and HIPAA protected information.  The process of eDiscovery has been enhanced significantly through the introduction of our hosted Zovy Enterprise Production platform where our clients can upload, search, review, and produce information for legal searches as well as the ability to search encrypted files natively. 

Zovy Enterprise raises the standard of security for compliance and archive tools and we welcome clients to visit our website at Zovy.com for more information on upgrading your environment to Zovy Enterprise.

Media Contact: Angela Kresic, [email protected], 973-630-7651

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