PANAMA – 10-16-2018 ( — Twitter users can now swap 100+ cryptocurrencies in just 10 seconds without leaving Twitter. Using an automated bot, sending DMs to offer a private and secure transaction, Zwaply could be what regular users needed to take cryptocurrencies mainstream.

Make no mistake, cryptocurrencies are the future of financial exchanges, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t kinks to be worked out. Having to use conventional crypto exchanges is one of them, because custody of the crypto assets could be at risk (does Mt Gox ring a bell?). 

The good news is that Zwaply has changed all that for the better. Working with over 100 different crypto assets, Zwaply’s service operates over Twitter and takes care of transfers and exchanges in seconds. For many involved in the cryptocurrency world, it is truly a dream come true.

“We are a non-custodial crypto-to-crypto exchange that lets you swap cryptos instantly, over Twitter, in a secure and private way, where everything gets done automatically,” commented the serial entrepreneur and Zwaply Founder, Gonzalo Arzuaga. 

“Exchanging cryptocurrencies (for instance going from Bitcoin to Ethereum) was a hassle for regular people. They’d have to go to a website, or download an app, sign up, verify that’s you, set up 2FA, send your crypto, place an order, monitor your order… all a drain of time, energy, and patience. And if you wanted to exchange two not-so-popular cryptos, the hassle increases dramatically. I am proud to say Zwaply solves all those problems at once,” stated Arzuaga.

Now Twitter users can execute a crypto exchange without leaving Twitter by simply sending a DM to the Zwaply bot and the exchange occurs near instantly in 3 easy steps. In less than 10 seconds the user is done and she’ll be notified by DM when the coins reach her wallet.  

Arzuaga continued, “Our vision is to let anywhere in the world, in any language, with any device, own any crypto they want. We believe in a tokenized world, where we can envision one million crypto assets in circulation in five years. It’s a small contribution to what Andreas Antonopulous’s vision of ‘Money as a content type’.”

Zwaply requires no account, no setup, it’s completely hassle-free. You just need to be a Twitter user to start exchanging cryptos instantly.

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