Ventura, CA August 31, 2018 – Huggins Homes is proud to announce that Ryan Huggins has successfully passed his California Real Estate Broker's exam.

The Broker's exam is the highest level of achievement an individual can earn in Real Estate. The exam is an arduous one that tests a wide range of real estate topics and is designed to fail 2/3 of the applicants! Not only did Ryan pass the exam, but he passed it on his FIRST ATTEMPT (the average attempts to pass is 3).

Ryan was quoted as saying “This is the completion of a journey I began in 2017 and first set my sights on in 2015. As soon as I got my salesperson's license, I knew I wanted to get my Broker's license as well.”

In California a real estate salesperson, or a “Realtor”, must work for a Broker and cannot work with buyers or sellers without having an employing Broker. Having a Broker's license allows the individual to work for themselves as well as hire agents to work for them, should they so desire to employ other agents.

Ryan will be one of the Brokers of Record for Huggins Homes Real Estate.


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