Newport Beach, CA – Sep 18, 2018 – Hamid R. Lavassani, founder of the Lavco Group, has funded billions of dollars in real estate, financial, media, energy and infrastructure projects and transactions during his 35-year career. The internationally recognized financial expert announced that he’s offering fast, no-fuss cash sales for real estate in the $250,000 to $250 Million range.

“We’re a locally owned and operated real estate company that can provide you with a fast, fair offer for your property,” said Lavassani. “No fees, no hassle. We buy properties in any type of condition.”

Lavassani operates in all 50 states within the U.S. and 100 countries. He specializes in quick cash sales without the need to place properties on the open market in the hope that they’ll eventually sell. Those who wish to sell their property can begin the process online and they don’t need to advertise or pay realtor fees and commissions.

The company accepts commercial real estate ranging from hotels that are off-market, office and industrial properties, to those in the hospitality industry. Properties in the retail market, media outlets and developments are also purchased.Those with residential properties are also welcome.

Lavassani is interested in single family residence, 1-4 units and multi-family dwellings, along with real estate that can be developed and for infrastructure projects ranging from airports and communication systems to water treatment facilities and transportation. The financial professional buys and sells, invests and builds, leases and develops across multiple property types in any condition.

Residential property owners may choose to sell for any number of reasons, encompassing a divorce, foreclosure or they may have inherited real estate they simply don’t want. Individuals may be relocating, have untenable loans and mortgages, or structures needing extensive repairs. Lavassani pays cash for property to owners selling due to failing health, probate and other needs.

Companies and investors may liquidate their holdings due to bankruptcies, under-performing venues, or to raise capital for other projects. Sales may be an exit strategy or the need to free up equity. Many owners of well-performing businesses decide to sell commercial properties so they can retire, pursue other interests, or due to extended vacancies or bad tenants.

Extensive experience, cultural knowledge, and offices in North America, Europe and Asia make Lavassani uniquely suited to conduct a wide variety of real estate transactions. He brings a unique perspective to clients around the world and provides quick cash for sellers of residential and commercial properties.

About Hamid R. Lavassani

Hamid R. Lavassani is the founder of the Lavco Group, with more than 30 years of experience in funding projects including real estate and finance, media, energy and infrastructure transactions. He joined forces with producers of TV shows that include “Pulse of the Economy,” “T.G.I.F.” and “Weekly Live,” all of which quickly became No. 1 rated shows. His “The Lavassani Show” features real estate, financial coverage and business information. A strategic advisor to leaders around the world, he’s an educator and media veteran in high demand for speaking engagements. Lavassani is the founder of the Tapesh Network Broadcasting Company and Tapesh International Television Network.

Connect with him on Facebook and YouTube.

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