MENLO PARK, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 15, 2017 — Many women who are high-level achievers making six figure incomes live a whirlwind life many of us hope for and deeply admire. We wonder what is the secret to their success and how can we attain it?

Nancy W. Collins is a distinguished business woman, educator, author and Senior Vice President of Landbank Investment, a top- notch commercial real estate company. Currently she is developing a new app called WorldAlert for the company’s foundation

“I achieved my success by having tremendous mentors throughout the course of my working life,” says Nancy. “The fact is many high-net worth individual women acquired their passion and drive for working hard and achieving success early in their career mirroring those individuals in their lives they looked up to and admired most. It allowed them to envision a future with a rewarding career.”

Nancy was a pioneer in the woman’s movement in the 70’s. She authored several inspiring books including Professional Women and their Mentors, Women Leading: Making Tough Choices on the Fast Track, and a book on relationships entitled Love at Second Sight: Playing the Midlife Dating Game.

“For Professional Women and their Mentors, I conducted my own extensive research interviewing over 400 very high-level achieving women,” says Nancy. “I ultimately concluded that not only did most of these women make their careers first and foremost in their lives, but almost every one of them had a powerful mentor, someone higher up in their field with a deep interest and powerful impact on their development. A mentor was extremely viable and absolutely beneficial in shaping their lives.”

Nancy feels she has been very fortunate in her life having lived in Europe, the Orient, wrote four thought-provoking influential books, had rewarding, amazing jobs, the most wonderful supportive friends, and three extraordinary sons and eight grandchildren.

“I always carried a briefcase with me wherever I went, even working nights and on weekends, but I have always deeply enjoyed what I did and my life has been profound, fulfilling and every moment has been worth it,” says Nancy. “Never give up on your dreams, but you can’t achieve your goals without mentors and supportive peers; they are indispensable and will help guide you on your journey.”

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