As a real estate investor, it’s likely you’ve discovered that having a property management firm on your side is a must. They can help to take care of day-to-day tasks for your properties and allow you to spend your time focused on obtaining more real estate. Understanding just what a good property management firm will do for you is essential so that you can include them in your ultimate success plan. 

Companies like PCF Property Management will take care of the many tasks associated with each of your rental properties. The process of getting tenants can take some time and warrants a good process to ensure fast turnaround. Your property management firm will take on the job of determining the fair market rent in your area. They will market your rentals, show the property, accept rental applications, and screen each potential tenant. Their goal is to find a good tenant that pays their bills on time. This is a process best left to property managers who have the skills available to properly screen good tenants and the time to make the whole process effective. 

According to Google My Business, your property manager will also take care of writing up the lease agreement and collecting rent from your tenants. Once tenants are occupying your unit(s), your property management firm will set up a rent schedule so the tenant is informed of when and where to make their monthly rental payment. The property manager will accept the rent payment from the tenant on your behalf and forward the income to your bank account without you having to lift a finger. 

In many cases, a good property management firm will also offer to do your budgeting. Sometimes referred to as property accounting, this task encompasses paying your bills for you. These bills can be your mortgage, water, sewer, or electric. The property management firm will pay each of these bills as they are due with the money collected from that specific month’s rent. This will allow you to be out of the equation and not have to worry about paying bills on a property that you own. This means less of a headache for you. 

A property management firm like will take care of tenant requests for maintenance and other issues that may arise. Think of the property management firm as the go-between for you and the tenants occupying your property. There’s no direct contact between you and the tenants. The management will answer the phone when a tenant calls to report maintenance related issues. In many cases, the management firm will have subcontractors they will hire to repair the problem. 

Having a good property management firm by your side when investing in real estate is essential. There’s only so much time in your day and spending it dealing with unruly tenants is not worth your time. Instead, you should hire a good firm that provides you with the many services that were explained above.

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