Rudy L Kusuma Home Selling Team SOLD 507 homes

Rudy Lira Kusuma Home Selling Team SOLD more homes

RUDY L KUSUMA HOME SELLING TEAM are selling homes with multiple offers in today's real estate market where others agents are struggling to find a buyer.

RUDY L KUSUMA HOME SELLING TEAM are selling homes with multiple offers in today's real estate market where others agents are struggling to find a buyer.”

— Walter J.

SAN GABRIEL, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 19, 2018 / — RUDY L KUSUMA HOME SELLING TEAM, the Titanium Real Estate Network’s team of experts, introduces a new system for selling homes in today’s real estate market. The new real estate sales team innovative and proven system is a way to resolve the current state of the market where not too many buyers and offers comes in.

As of current, the California housing market is showing signs that it is running out of steam. With that, Rudy L Kusuma’s team works to bring a solution to home owners who are thinking of selling. The solution they come up with is an exclusive RBID Home Selling System. It’s an Online Real Estate Auction-based Marketplace for Buying and Selling Homes.

This new system offers a broad array of benefits to any client looking to sell or buy a property. One such advantage is the fact that “Titanium Certified RBID” homes are industry expert certified. It means clients can trust these homes to be the best homes and best deals available on the market today. Besides being certified, there are more benefits that buying or selling “Titanium Certified RBID” homes offer.

Two of the biggest reasons why choosing “Titanium Certified RBID” homes is a great idea are the fact that they’re warranted against defects and comes with a hassle-free bid process. Some of the homes that buyers can find on Kusuma’s new system have warranties. In fact, some buyers might be able to receive a free 12 month Home Owners Warranty.
Additionally, they can enjoy a Hassle Free Bid Process when they buy their “Titanium Certified RBID” home. The system employs a unique bid process where buyers have enough time to preview property. It’s also enough time for them to do some inspections, and begin all the proper due diligence necessary to secure the property in a contract until it’s closed.

Buyers can learn more about the new real estate system by visiting the website page Titanium Certified RBID at Titanium Real Estate Network. Besides this new system, many homeowners can find accessing Titanium Real Estate Website has many advantages to offer them. It includes the 25, 127 buyers in their database and the possibility to sell a home for $12,000 and more.

Furthermore, utilizing the services of Titanium Real Estate Network offers the opportunity to sell homes more and at least three times faster. Rudy and his team are expert agents with years of experience in the real estate industry. Through the new system and their continued service, they provide valuable assistance to anyone looking to buy a new home in California.

RUDY L KUSUMA HOME SELLING TEAM is a network of home selling experts committed to helping customers and co-workers in communities to live and work. The team is composed of agents experienced and skilled in the business of selling and buying properties. They assist with anything related to home selling and in making the process relatively hassle-free. To learn more about this innovative system, call Rudy L. Kusuma at 626-789-0159

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Rudy L Kusuma SOLD homes in 60 minutes over 200 offers and the home sold for $100,000 more money


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