September 26, 2018 – JEDDAH — The ‘Healthy Makes You Wealthy’ campaign on weight loss steered by the reputable healthcare provider Abeer Medical Group, which owns and operates the best clinics and hospitals in Saudi Arabia, reverberated in the healthcare domain of the country.

The weight loss contest conducted as part of the campaign which ensued from Abeer’s committed social mission on ‘expanding awareness on the healthy lifestyles intended for the early prevention and treatment of diseases’ created a ripple effect in the public as well.

The contest that was announced a couple of weeks prior to Ramadan and launched on the first of the holy month closed its online registration portal in just 3 days since the participant strength from the different regions of the Kingdom touched the limit of 2,500.

It progressed through the pre-evaluation and mid-evaluation screening stages before and during the month of Ramadan respectively. The chief criterion for winning as announced as the loss of at least 7 kg during the contest term was fulfilled by 123 participants who were declared as winners in the final evaluation conducted at the end of the contest after the month.

Majority of the participants were able to reduce their body weight pretty close to 7 kg, but were unfortunately off-the mark. At the same time, there were a few winning participants whose weight loss stood incredibly in the range of 20 kg to 30 kg. On an average of 5 kg reduced by an individual contestant, the total weight loss is thus estimated as 12,500 kg.

Abeer Medical Group appreciated all those who reduced their body weight by adhering to various weight loss tips and strictly maintaining a custom lifestyle. Regular exercises, daily workouts, controlled diet practices, consumption of less sugar and the other key tips shared by Abeer Medical Group helped them a great deal.

The winners thankfully acknowledged the socially committed endeavors driven by Abeer Medical Group aimed at the enhancement of public health. They thanked the organizers for gifting them such a good opportunity in the most appropriate time — the month of Ramadan.

For most of the participants, reducing body weight had been a long cherished dream, which they couldn’t realize notwithstanding their repeated attempts. Some of them remarked that Abeer’s weight loss campaign has helped them to do away with their false impression on the less possibility of reducing body weight in the middle ages.

Followed by the highly acclaimed Anti-smoking Campaign and the celebrated triumph of the Guinness World Record winning Diabetes Awareness Campaign in 2017, the Weight Loss Campaign titled ‘Healthy Makes You Wealthy’ is the third major largescale edition of Abeer’s socially obliged programs.

“If our awareness programs were riveted to Smoking and Diabetes last year, it focuses on Obesity this year, alluding to the realty that the increasing incidence of all these three is to be critically addressed and curtailed in order to transform the nation. This is our vision on the lines of the prestigious Saudi Vision 2030,” stated Alungal Mohammed, president – Abeer Medical Group.


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